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What to Inject in Calf, Other Than Synthol


hi guys,
long time

can i inject test proportionate, or what else should inject and with what size needle
in my calf to increase the particular muscle.

reply please,
your knowlegde will help


It will be the most painful injection ever. DO NOT DO IT.


I know there are some that have done it, but when I tried it, as Bonez says it was a huge mistake. Both calves felt substantially crippled and certainly the pain was substantial for several days.


certainly not test prop...however trenbolone, deca, eq, test e crap i have shot pretty much all of them in calves and everyhwere else without any problems. Start at 1/2cc per side per leg, work up from there...but nothing attached to a propionate ester


yes thanks guys, i will try this time , and hope i will come up with some good results,
and thanx more pain ,


I'm the opposite, prop feels completely fine to me.

Tren burns like 5 minutes after the inject, no idea why, just a pain that spreads.

Just the thought of shooting calves makes me cringe, Ill stick to large muscle groups. I imagine that would be one of the worst injects.

Although I imagine bis would be a pretty sore inject as well.


how come?? the nerves and arteries?

and when you guys say calf injection, are you talking midline, between the 2 gastroc bellies or into one of them...is there a defined protocol for this?


Spot injection will do nothing for a specific muscle. I think people mostly inject in smaller muscles because they try to rotate injection sites to minimize scar tissue buildup.


Many bodybuilders inject AAS in a similar fashion to SEO's. Injecting AAS in a certain way can stretch the fascia similarly to synthol. And of course there is difference between use and abuse with this also


thanks again guys,
i am thinking of using test prop for fiteen days alternately on each calf's inner side ,then give it a gap for next fifteen days,
then repeat the same fro next fifteen days .
and suggestions


To be clearer, and perhaps there may be a difference: my truly painful calf injections were with Winstrol, not an oil-based preparation.

A doctor friend, knowledgeable in steroids, said that the reason for the difference -- painless in other muscles but very painful in calves -- was due to a differing structure to the muscle.

I can't now state remotely accurately what he said. Closest I can come is that the construction is "stringier" with bundles of fibers that are distinctly separated from each other. He considered it likely that the suspension readily traveled between these and served as an irritant.

Perhaps the pain came from it being a suspension and thus having particles between these bundles (not the right word) whereas that wouldn't be relevant with an oil preparation.

I should have remembered when posting above that it was Winstrol, but I didn't until now.