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What to Increase to Keep Gaining?


Straight to it:

Meal #1:
Scrambled/Fried/Hardboiled eggs (two to three)
Ham/Bacon (I piece ham, or two slices bacon)
Bowl Of Cereal (Raisin Bran, or Life)
Skim Milk (1 cup)

Meal #2:
Hamburger Patties (Two)
Slice of American Cheese
2/3 Cup Cottage Cheese
4-6 oz Lunch meat
4-6 oz various veggies

Meal #3:
1 Scoop MyoFusion w/ Water

Meal #4:
6-8 oz Lunch Meat
8-10 oz various veggies (no potatoes, or anything of the like)
4-8 oz various meats (pork chop, meat loaf, chicken, ect...)
Olive Oil and Salt over veggies

Protein Shake (1 scoop muscle Milk sometimes w/ 3g L-Leucine Powder)
5 g Creatine Monohydrate (unflavored)
1000 mg CLA
NOX Pills

Between Sparring and Lifting:
Protein Shake (ON Pro Complex) 30g Protein 3.9g Leucine

Protein Shake (ON Pro Complex) 30g Protein 3.9g Leucine
5g Protein

Before Bed Meal/Supplements:
Protein Shake (1 scoop Muscle Milk w/ 3g Leucine and 3g Cinnimon)
2000mg CLA
6g Melatonin (Sleep/GH release)
1g Tryptophan (Sleep)

Various other supps taken throughout the day:
200 mg CoQ10
Figh Oil
5g Glutamine

What do I need to increase to keep gaining muscle? Obviously I should probably stop taking HOT-ROX, (I'm cutting right now though) but what else should I add? As I want to stay lean but gain at least 10lbs muscle before summer.


Well my friend, not having any carbs in your post workout meal is a recipe for little muscle gain. Change that and you will see good progress. Shoot for a 2:1 ratio of your protein. So you are having 30g protein aim for at least 60g carbs. That by itself will help tremendously.

switch the cereal to 1 cup of oats
switch skim milk to 2% or whole milk

As for the rest of your meals..you need better carb sources. Potatoes are the shit, sweet potatoes are my fav. Rice is also great. Just eating a small amount of veggies won't cut it.

Over all you really need to up the calories and carbs. You're on the right track though.

P.S. muscle milk is a waste of money. Use either Surge, or Bioplex's "whey in weight gainer"


Whole milk!!!
also if you use water in your shakes try substituting with whole milk when doable.

other than that lots of carbs... throw some frozen fruit in with your shakes(especially post workout.)

for a few extra cals when im bulking I'll throw some eggs into my shakes.

sweet potatoes or rice, or my fav quinoa for extra carbage.


waylanderxx thanks for the advice I will most definitely increase my carbs when I start my bulking cycle about two weeks from now, and will also try to increase protein. Although I'm weary about post workout cabs as I workout at night pretty close to bed, and I don't want any of those carbs converting to fat (which seems to happen VERY easily for me).

Also I completely agree about muscle milk, I only bought it because the gnc I work at gave it to me for about $10 for a two lb tub. Hard to pass on offers like that. I am trying some Metabolic Drive this week though, hopefully it rocks. Thanks again for the help.


You should increase calories. Sorry had to be said.


Here's the thing. Regardless of when you workout your muscles are completely glycogen depleted. So when you consume carbs immediately afterwards they will go where they are needed, which is to your muscles. Any spillover will be used as energy and yes possibly stored as fat.

If you are that concerned about it, try around 45g's and see how it works for you. I like to get around 160g carbs after my workouts, I want to make sure my muscles have everything they could possibly need to grow, and then some. It's all preference though.


I think it's more a matter of calories in vs. calories out. Your muscles need nutrients post workout, don't worry so much about fat gain.


+1, and you can always dial it back if you notice too much fat gain...knowing/monitoring your body is key here


waylander, what do you use to get 160g of carbs pwo?


2 scoops of malto, a scoop of gatorade and a few bananas will do it... :smiley:


Bioplex whey in weight gainer powder...

550 cals
84g carbs
46g protein per serving, I double the servings and vualla! 168g carbs.


insulin spikes are not good...... except pre or post workout:S
you definatly need more carbs.
oats for breakfast.
broccoli in you veg this again has carbs.
brown rice.

when im bulking i eat cans of creamed rice, im on a budget lol.
milk is natures health shake, drink it by the gallon.
why have a protein shake when you can drink a littre of milk and get 34 gms protien? this is around the amount you body can consume in one meal anyway. you need to up the calories, so maybe increase your calories by 200 each week until you start to deposit fat then stop at that. thats my 2 cents