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What to Have After Fasted Cardio?


i pop BCAA before the fasted cardio, and down some fast whey immediately afterwards, should i add in some gatorade or simple sugar with the whey or some kind of carbs??


Not neccesary to have any kind of carbs after a fasted cardio workout, especially sugars or fast-digesting carbs. You can have a regular breakfast of protein + fat, depending on what kind of diet you have


Assuming your fasted cardio is steady state work (otherwise, would be a bad idea), you can just have a typical meal based on your current diet. No real need to quickly 'replenish' anything as some ads might have you believe based on weight training sessions.



ok, yes it is steady state but it takes a while for me to get home so i like to get something in me right off the tread, plus im starved so i guess its no harm in the fast whey till i can eat?


Whey is fine, or if your daily numbers are carb friendly, throw some in as well (fruit, poptarts, whatever)



My routine for AM cardio past 2 months or so has been:

  • get up,
  • 1 scoop of nat pb (or handful of walnuts or brazil nuts),
  • Mix protein drink and EAA/BCAA drink
  • drive to gym,
  • start sipping my EAA/BCAA drink (sugar free) on the drive,
  • stepmill 30 mins (various levels) while sipping drink,
  • stretch and foam,
  • then drink protein on the drive back (about 10 mins),
  • then eat a pile of eggs + spinach + avocado + salsa.

Probably a total of a 1.5 hrs from home to gym to home and a few more minutes to get the eggs cooked.

My lifts are still increasing, I've lost over 10 lbs and looking leaner. I do 'semi-fasted semi-steadystate step mill' up to 3 times per week. Even with reduced calories I don't seem to be atrophying any muscle.


J/W Steely, why do you have the natty PB? IMO if you dropped that, the fat loss during the steady-state cardio would be a lot more effective. If you feel like you 'need' something in your stomach, I would just drink some coffee instead to blunt appetite, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


I working with a theory. This was something that was batted around here a couple years ago (I think Tiribulus mentioned it in TCell and I remember responding) that during low carb fat loss your body is primed to burn fat for energy, so it made sense to give it a little (fat) fuel. Not significant but a little bit, like a flat teaspoon ( <200 cals probably ).

I agreed because I was just in the habit in the morning of grabbing a handful of walnuts but I hadn't really put it together that that is what I was doing.

I think it's just a little insurance that I'm not grabbing muscle for fuel and it keeps the 'fat for fuel mode' consistent, say versus consuming a half-scoop of whey protein then hitting steady-state cardio.

I guess the real point is that it's working for me (and has worked in the past). I'm going with it for now.

Coffee never blunted my appetite, and I've actually stopped consuming caffeine and stims these past couple months and I feel better than I have in a long, long time (and no crashes). Let's just say that I've abused caffeine/stims for years and it caught up with me (that could be another thread).

EDIT: I always make a point to type "semi-fasted cardio". 50-100+ cals isn't quite "fasted", but it's certainly not working out on a full stomach, either (+ the EAA/BCAA's during)


What to eat after fasted cardio depends on your goals.


Ah your reasoning makes complete sense. Definitely a smart idea if you're mainly going low-carb throughout the week, you worked too hard for that muscle. As for caffeine/stims, pre-workout the only caffeine supplement I take is Java Stim by Poliquin's brand. It's the only caffeine supp I can take without feeling like shit, it has these two aminos to support the adrenals and it helps a lot. As for coffee, I like to drink just a cup in the morning for them polyphenols (insulin sensitivity).


Steely, I'm doing the AD, too, and fasted training, but on EAA's and leucine.

BBB went into amino acid use in depth in another thread, but he was saying that muscle protein synthesis was determined by the rate in increase in blood concentration of aminos, not the total amount of protein... he recommended to have the aminos be absorbed as fast as possible, take 10g leucine and then 10g EAA's about 15 minutes later. That's exactly what I've been doing and I've been getting leaner while getting stronger on some lifts.

Also, prior to when I was doing IF, I would eat eggs, avocado, and a couple slices of bacon a couple of hours before I went to lift, but right before, I'd slam a few tablespoons of coconut oil (using the same theory that you mentioned above) and it seemed to work fairly well, too.

Maybe try the leucine/EAA then some coconut oil as your preworkout fat source? Just thinkin' out loud.

That coconut oil stuff is fuckin' magical.


One of my 'alternate fuel' sources is organic shredded coconut. I don't really care that it's organic, but it's the only shredded coconut that doesn't have sugar or anything else in it.

I agree about the oil. Scary, but that stuff is just good out of the jar.



Lets pretend you're dieting and by doing so you cut your carbs 6hours before bed the night prior to your cardio (or more)

Than you do your cardio (I wouldnt even take any bcaa if its low intensity cardio.. and it should be low intensity)

Than eating a P+F meal would make more sense simply because your body will still be in "fat burning" mode until you eat any carbs, which you could do in your 2nd meal..

Now, if your not dieting, you shouldnt give a fuck really and could go with carbs too


The Skip influence is strong ^^^^

Are you really hungry right after cardio and that's why you want to eat immediately or is it because you think you are doing damage by waiting till you are home to eat?


Thats because its working so well ! :stuck_out_tongue:

You know these kind of thread makes me wonder.. should I be taking BCAA / peanut butter / whatever the fuck before morning sex when I have some?

God knows my "bedroom heartrate" is higher than my fasted cardio heart rate...



[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
Assuming your fasted cardio is steady state work (otherwise, would be a bad idea), you can just have a typical meal based on your current diet. No real need to quickly 'replenish' anything as some ads might have you believe based on weight training sessions.

Hey bro, even so, it's the first meal of the day, so isn't it still kinda vital that some level of equilibrium is reached in the body with some replenishing? (after 8hours of sleep)


Why would you ever bother with fasted cardio if fat loss wasn't your goal?


here's a few off the top:

  • kickstart the day with metabolism boost
  • kickstart the day with endorphin release
  • cardio & vascular benefits
  • dog owner


I was specifically asking why you would bother with FASTED cardio. I understand the above, but are there any benefits to specifically doing your cardio FASTED during a bulk or maintenance phase?


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