What to get her?

Okay T-People,

Me and my girl have been dating 3 months and are actually very serious. I won’t get to mushy but we love each other and things just seem to have worked out very well. I know I know it’s a short time but we’re not teenagers and have both had enough experience to hopefully know that this is more serious than before. Has anyone felt this way about the love of their life so soon?

But more importantly, her birthday is coming up, what do I get her?

"I Believe in Love at first sight, but I also believe in taking a second look" Bruce Lee

(First off: wasn’t Bruce Lee kewl? he he he).

Well, I'm glad for you. Ko and I have really wierd schedules - he's at work at night and I'm at work during the day. If you and your girl are similar - maybe the best thing would be to rent some DVDs' , have some nice wine (or, in the case of Ko and I - beer), pop some popcorn - and spend a nice quiet evening together. Just have a nice casual evening. Ahh, nice gift for the two of us - and possibly you and your girl.

OR, go to the zoo, the movies, a museum, etc. I mean, do you have to get her something?

Don’t worry about the time being short and people giving you grief about loving your girlfriend. I absolutely love my girlfriend, and we are in a similar situation as you. As we have only been together since January. I think there are times when you connect with someone and just know when you are in love and love someone.

Anyway, I know how Patricia feels about her situation, as my girlfriend and I are in the same position. She works nights and I work during the day. So we don’t have much time together. Luckily, we live together. So I at least get to snuggle up next to her at night. We only have an occasional Friday night (after 10 or 11pm - if she gets off work early) and all-day Sunday and Monday night to actually do things. So it makes it hard for us to go out on dates and do other things. It sucks, but we are doing our best to make the most of it.

As for gifts, there are many things you can do. My girlfriend just celebrated a birthday, and this is what I did. I bought a Keepsake box (Things Remembered) and had it engraved. I bought this because she likes keepsake items and she also likes jewelry boxes and things to keep her most sacred stuff. So I thought it would be a great idea to get her a nice engraved, wooded box that she could keep stuff that I get her (cards, rose petals, etc). She absolutely loved this. Inside the box, I put a gift certificate for a full-body mud mask. And later that evening, she received a dozen roses at work. She was happy and surprised.

As for other gifts, massages are greats as are manicures, pedicures or other spa treatments similar to what I got for my girl. You could always make something (I did this for Valentine’s Day - and it was a huge hit!). Or you could plan something special (a picnic, cook her dinner, go to a play, spend the night at a bed & breakfast).

Just remember to listen to your mate. She may say something one day about something she likes, and it will make a good gift idea in the future. I actually did this last night. My girl has been out of town visiting her sister. Which means, we didn’t get to spend time together Sunday and Monday. We did talk while she was gone. And because I missed her, I decided to get her a little gift. So when she comes home today, she will find three roses in a vase on the bed along with a CD that she has wanted for a while. Hopefully, you have gotten some ideas. There are plenty more out there!

I think a good idea would be to buy her a nice necklace, take her out for dinner, and afterwards, give her a full body massage~ lasting at least 45 minutes to an hour~ My boyfriend did that for me and I absolutely LOVED it. If she works that day, send her flowers. (it’ll make her feel special) Whatever you choose to do, I’m sure that she’ll like it.

Thanks All, some really good ideas.

Nate thanks for the vote of confidence about the short term thing.

And yes Bruce Lee is the man!

Isn’t anyone ging to tell him to get her a girlfriend? <:)

Just don’t forget the full body massage…

Here’s what I did on my wifes last birthday. First I made her a nice breakfast in bed. Then I gave her a good romp. In the afternoon I took her to a top notch spa for Chocolate Indulgence treatment. Imagine having chocolate rubbed all over you and then wrapped followed by a soaking in chocolate. She was absolutely glowing. Then from there I took her to a great restaurant (CN Tower Toronto). 1000 ft above the city. She had no idea of any of my plans. It was great. Then when we got home, another romp. Oh I almost forgot, everytime I had to fart I either went outside or to the can and turned the fan on. She really liked that one. Of course now she expects that fartfreezone everyday. Maybe next year. Good luck.

Drax: hahahahahhaha thats the best idea yet!

If you really love her, get her fat so that she’ll be too insecure to leave you.