What to get Dad for Christmas

What’s everyone getting their father’s for Christmas. Every year I can come up with something to get my brothers, sister, mom, etc, but not my dad. He doesn’t really do much of anything. I’m looking to spend around 50 or less.

Massage, clothes, gift certificate for Lowe’s or Sears for tools and whatnot, stuff for his hobbies or interests, gift certificates for restuarants he likes, there are many possibilities.

I got him an expansion for a computer game he likes :stuck_out_tongue:

My dad’s retired and loves the stock market and watching his stocks.

I got him a subscription to the Wall St. Journal. It’s about $120/yr. It comes everyday. He wouldn’t buy it for himself and he really enjoys it.


Nose hair trimmer

Portable DVD player. Toshiba 9 inch for $700.