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what to expect

Since i’ve started to feel a small bit better im trying to turn around & kick it in the ass without giving it a chance to comeback. So far so good, but I plan on waiting until I feel better before starting on hotrox.Now is just preparation. I probably wont start until after xmas not only to give myselfg time to recover, but because we are now litterally in the middle of moving, and probably will be getting into the new house like afew days before xmas, talk about stress. Added onto, there are no good places to workout here (I wanted to do running man, but the closest track and only decent running area in this city is closed down except for high school games). The new place should have tons of options, even if I dont do running man since it will be dead of winter in Maine!

So i’ve been wondering what to expect on hot rox, especially what to expect as a female.

I plan on being alot stricter about what i eat(although my only problems now I think is not consuming enough calories on some days, and sometimes consuming to much fat? Although im more concerned about not eating enough than the fat), and keeping a much better (and easier to read) log. Pre planning everything I can. Going to go almost t-dawg style esq although carbs will more likely be more like 50-100 day instead of 70-120, but i could go 70-120. not sure which would be preferable. I havent decided if im going to do planned cheat meal once a week, once every other week or not at all though :\ if I did none at all Shawn would go insane as he loves eating out at places that have no low carb choices.

Im still not a super strong person yet, working on it. Im finally going to be getting some dumbells(from a friend), it should be a decent start (i did ask for a power cage for xmas though lol). So probably be like pushups, lightly weighted squats, calf raises etc. Maybe afew aerobic workouts, and deep breathing stretching - minus the meditation. And I may change this up depending on whats available in Maine as for gyms/ymca etc etc.

Most of the hot rox results I saw were from people who were in the best physical shape of their lives probably. And obviously their losses would be slowers (and harder) than me. What can a chub-a-lub (5’4 205 - i have very decent muscle structure for a female in pretty bad condition - always have, the really inacurrate tape measurement BF calculators put me @ 130lbs lbm w/ height/weight/hip/ forearm/neck/wrist measurments)like me expect in say 1 month? how about 3? i know not everyones the same, and not everyone will react the same to hotrox, but im curious what you all think ^^ and i could probably use your opinions as exteme motivation.


Hi Lauren: I’ll take a shot at this, though I suspect my answer won’t be very satisfying…

First off, props on starting to clean up your diet and incorporate some planning.

As for my situation, so far I’ve lost close to 50 pounds of fat, added about 8 pounds of muslce. I’ve been at this since February or March. I’ve used Hot-Rox about 70% of the time during my diet.

First off, by far, hands-down, the most effective thing I’ve done in my transformation is a detailed food log. Combine a food log with a sound diet plan and you’ve got a foundation for success.

As for the Hot Rox, I can’t say whether they really made a difference strictly from a weight-loss standpoint. That’s not to say that I think they had no benefit; it’s just that there are so many variables to dieting–from hormone fluctuation to training. I have experimented with lots of things along the way. Obviously, however, since I have used them so much, I still found them worth taking.

I did notice that Hot-Rox curbed my appetite. That was very helpful. I also supplemented with additional 5-HTP for times in my cycle when I was hungrier than others. I also noticed additional energy, likely from the caffeine.

Also, and this is very important to me, though your mileage may vary: They had a strong psychological effect on me. Supplements are not magic–they only work when diet and training are dialed in. It was easier to stay strict when I didn’t want to “waste” the effects of an expensive supplement. When you’re in this for the long haul, these tricks can really provide a necessary mental boost. So those Rox were worth every penny and more.

So, keep up the hard work. I hope your schedule settles down soon, and makes it easier to get more active. And if there is anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Lisa Simpson is correct. If you are already training, your diet is going to be the best place to start. I started using a food log and I find myself eating cleaner because it keeps you honest.

As far as expectations, the only expectation you can have is that if you follow your motivation with drive, eat correctly, train, and drink lots of water, one day you are going to look into the mirror and the results you are making will not be denied. One problem initially, especially when you are feeling shitty about yourself, is to get discouraged and give up because you don’t change overnight. The fitness models you are probably aspiring to are in top shape; they are already “there” but getting there is going to take time.

Be true to yourself and “do the right thing” and I think you will find that your self-perception improves faster than your physical being; that in itself is going to keep your fire going until that day when you see the results and that sets a huge fire. Its this fire that is going to drive you to your ultimate goal if you choose to “do the right thing”.

The only thing left to do is kick some ass in the gym.


I would second the killin it in the gym comment. Just get really pissed and stay that way, then when you feel your moitvation start to drop, get fucking livid, that’s the only way to go.

Holy crap, Lisa. You oughta post some before/after pics if you have any (and no, I’m not trying to be slimy…). Those are some awesome numbers you’ve accomplished. Good job on the transformation!

thanks all so much… Lisa, yes i have found i have issues with my eating on days i dont keep a detailed food log (if i dont log it for a day I find that my cals & carbs drop waaay low) Although its becoming habit to eat better it hasnt been a long time since i was eating next to nothing at all, If i dont jot it down old habits show their head & even though I think im eating enough I find out im now. The food log I always try to make sure i fill it out daily, one way or another its got to be done. I already almost filled my first notebook up :\ lol feel like a paper waster. I’ve also started trying to log things into fit day (this is much harder, as once i get online i tend to zone out & forget). But i dont use fitday to substitute the notebook, else i’d fall down the rabbit hole! LOL

It was hard to change, but the further i get into it the more fun its becoming. I can honestly say I really like my oatmeal w/ grow in it. My mom tried to get me a ‘new’ breakfast & i got really mad and went “I LIKE my oatmeal!”.
I know hot rox arent some magic pill, i’ll have to work hard to make them work for me, but from all the things i’ve seen in the forums, and reviews on other sites they seem worth it. I guess i’ll have to get a job if I want to go full dosage on it. Until then I can only afford 1 bottle month, and its last priority on my list of things to spend on… Because like any true t-vixen would say - diet and exercise is 110% more imporant.

As for things i wont like to hear, I do like to hear it, and I expect it. No supplement is an excuse for a poor diet or a poor exercise program(I knew this for a long time, but it really took t-maggers to hammer this permanently into my brain & to make a change), and if you all were my friends in real life i’d expect you to kick me in the ass if I slacked off, i’d do the same for you.

Oh and Lisa, very big uber congrats on your weight loss… If you have any before/after shots we’d love to see em :smiley: I havent lost that much yet, but isnt it SO great to have your old stuff not fit anymore. I keep talking about my baggy jeans, they were tight - now they practically fall off. But i Only have 1 pair in the next size down… So if you see a blonde in the Boston area wearing flares super baggy & pulling them up constantly - thats me! lol
I really wish I had a true before pic(i was to embarrassed) I do have vacation pics, but they wont be great referances as I only wore super baggy shirts, I guess I should snap some now for later use.

Ack, im rambling again…

Lauren, you’re going to do fine–you are doing fine! :slight_smile: I’m not saying this necessarily directed at you, but more as a reminder to myself, and if it helps you, great: while you need to have a solid plan, the best thing you can do afterwards is spend less time in your head. Kind of analogous to the discussion going on elsewhere on the boards about those who think so much they never go lift.

Put it in place, do what you need to do to support it, and then go do it! :slight_smile:

About foodlogs/fitday…I cook on Sundays, so I have a week’s worth of food, and then I sit down with fitday and plan out my meals. Doing it ahead of time means I don’t have to keep the log ongoing during the week–my food is pre-logged–and means I am always eating the correct ratio of c/p/f. So I don’t necessarily log what I eat–I eat what I’ve logged. Every morning I put together my correct combination of tupperwares and head to work. Now, my schedule is pretty fixed, so I realize not everyone has a day as regimented as mine.

And thanks for the kind words, all–we’re getting pretty close to after pictures. And I did take before pix…we’ll see if I have the guts to put them up.

As for the clothes not fitting…we’re moving offices today, so I’m wearing my only jeans, which are pre-diet…it’s a terrific feeling. This morning my GF had to dig out the awl and put an extra hole in my belt. :slight_smile: