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What to Expect with Test E?

Ok I’m 49 will be 50 next month. Health good, blood work good, heart good. I’ve been working out for about 12 years with a few breaks but mostly on. Its been 6 or 8 years sense I’ve done any gear but I’m about to run 20cc of test e, what should I expect at my age if my diet is clean and my cal’s and protine intake are spot on? I’m 5’9’’ at 180 lbs. Thanks!!

What dose?

As we age, aromatase levels increase. You may have issues from elevated E2. PCT may be more critical at your age and you might be better using hCG all through the cycle to prevent testicular shutdown. Do you know what you are doing?

Post cycle clomid.

[quote]tmike59 wrote:
I’ll be injecting 250mg twice a week. as far as a pct. the only thing I’ve done in the past is clomid.[/quote]

I’ll be injecting 250mg twice a week. In the past the only pct that I’ve done is clomid.

Get some anastrozole and use that from day 1; 0.5mg EOD

Are you going to taper off the T or dead stop?

You can continue anastrozole at 0.5mg/wk through and past PCT for a month.

taper off if thats best.