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What to Expect on New Protocol?


Hi all I just a started a new protocol and need opinions if this will help me..

Test Cypionate 0.4ml (80mg) once a week
Hcg 200 iu ..once a day
Progesterone with Chrysin..used as an AI..progesterone 25mg/chrsyin 40mg..compounded
Vega One Nutrional Shake..2 a day
Ferrochel Iron..one capsule a day
Vitamin D3.. one capsule a day
B12 Folate... once a day
Omega 3+d squeeze.. 2 a day

jUst checking if this new protocol is going to help me overall..i was on topical test and experiencing weak erections and soft erections..


Topicals [transdermals] have the highest potential for elevated E2 and that is the prime suspect for weak sexual function.

Increasing T with injected T cyp is effective and low cost. We typically see good results with 250iu hCG SC EOD. That maintains the testes and the objective is not, with older guys, to create much T in the testes. So that is 125iu per day and you propose 200iu per day. This might be OK, but if you get E2 levels that you cannot manage with an AI, the hCG dose might then be the reason. hCG can be the most costly component of TRT, so a lower dose might make sense from that point of view.

Most guys do not need any supplemental iron! Without context of your other posts, can't get very specific.

What is your iodine source?


i was showing low ferritin... !! Low progesterone and low am cortisol and pm cortisol.. Elevated e2 at 30.. Can the progesterone/chrysin ai hurt me


Progesterone will help support cortisol levels as it is one step away.

Chrysin is not going to do much for E2.

E2=30, with chrysin?

Why not anastrozole? Please explain.


So the progesterone cant hurt me then and what do u mean it is one step away... No my e2 was 30 before I started this protocol and it was causing weak erections and sometimes I would lose the erection... my doc wants me to stick with the prog/chrysin ai because she says she has great clinical experience with it...it will work right??


If it works well for you, great. Otherwise move on. Chrysin can be quite expensive and 1mg/week anastrozole might be cheaper and work better.

Many have tried chrysin with poor results.

I think that I link this from the advice for new guys sticky. YOU MUST READ THAT. https://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/prototype_advice_for_new_guys

Note that cortisol is modified in the adrenals to produce cortisol. See the chart.


Yes I will try it for a while and then switch.. the objective of the progesterone/chrysin ai is to keep e2 right in between 20-25 correct??? One more question.. this ai cant hurt me or make me any worse right??? what I am doing should effectively heal any mild erectile dysfunction correct???


Hey brother if I lower my weekly dose of test to 0.2 mg or (40mg) instead of 0.4 will this lower my e2?? I got tested a day before my shot and my e2 was 45.8 and total test was 934... this was 2 weeks into protocol?? is this ai gonna be enough??


I have talked doc int4o giving me DIM.. she said dim is better than anastazole.. in ure opinion is DIM better than chrysin??


progesterone will not lower E2

- higher TT and higher FT levels
- E2 in lower 20's
- thyroid health
-- check body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky
-- you need a decent intake of iodine or need to replenish if needed


Will DIM lower E2??? Honestly