What to Expect from this Sissy Cycle?

1 tube 50mg Testim 1% daliy and 1 shot test cypionat a week. what can i expect and how should i diet?

ps. this was perscribed so i picked it up at CVS. It felt great walking out of there with a bottle of Test and 10 syringes without having to worry about counterfeiting or legality…

PSS. should I stick to a moderate calorie diet here 3500 cals?

What are your goals?

Post your stats too, age, height, weight, years training, etc.

That information will help determine what type of diet you should have on your cycle.

you have a lot of reading to do. thats all I will say about this.

For fucks sake, boy that territory you are willy-nilly’ing in is the big boys sandbox. Before you begin playing with fire you must understand and respect the nature of fire.

Or else you’ll light your ass on fire and you’ll be another statistic. Be another motherfucking media story about the horrors of misguided AAS abuse.

Well it sounds to me like HRT from a doc… so I don’t know if you guys need to jump the gun just yet.

Scotty, it sounded to me like the boy has the vial in his hands. Last time I checked, any doc worth his salt isn’t going to prescribe test and allow the patient to administer it. At least in my area he isn’t.

I hate when people call me Scotty lol

Not all HRT is administered by the doc/nurse… some(lazy/smart) doctors will allow people to do the shots at home and I’m assuming that’s the case here until the OP tells otherwise.

Wow, sorry…Scott. My doc that supervises me laughed when I asked him that if he gave me a script would he allow me to pin myself. “No, because I know what you would do and thats not ethical I wouldnt allow any of my patients to administer it.” or something like that. Looks like I need to find a (lazy/smart) doctor.

does sound like HRT.
specially from the use of the 1% gell

I still think he needs to go to the 35 and up forums and read up and also hit the stickies here

sounds kind of like someone that is now on hrt thinking they can get huge because they have “steroids”

diet and training is the same on or off

maybe a little more volume with training but its all the same
you want to gain you eat more loose and you eat less
basicly anyways

well if he gave us some more information, we may be able to point him in the right direction on how to use this to his benefit… this could be a gift from the iron gods if used correctly.