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What to Expect from Testosterone-Only Cycle?

Saw this guy last week. What an athlete. I mean wow.

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Eat more. Assess your training to see where you can improve.

To be blunt, you dont need drugs, you need more food and likely a smarter approach to your training. Your tiny dude, your not ready yet.


OK will try :wink:
And yes im a geneticaly tiny .
(Im from south east asia)
My hand (size) is as big as 14 years old kids
(Im 30)
And even smaller than some girls
I dunno if i could change my frame (skeleton) size
I dont wanna be a little old man :relieved:

Do u have any tips for me for my diet and workout so i could be bigger ?
(Tried to be in Caloric surplus before, but turn out my belly is getting fat then tried cutting make me look smaller)

When do u think someone is ready for drugs ?

You are not tiny and actually have some development. You look better than most guys your age. I wouldn’t say you have “good” development though.

It is a long process to really get a great physique. Don’t try to gain to quickly or you will just get fat. I’ve made that mistake more than once. Focus on progressive overload. Try to get to moving big weights for reps. It isn’t easy improving over time (and many people don’t improve year after year). You need to work harder and harder to keep getting better. It doesn’t have to be vast difference, but next year you need to be doing more reps, more weight, with better form than this year. Do that for 2 years. Improve your eating all the time. You don’t need to go from average eater to BBer over night. Add a bit more protein, cut out BS items one at a time. This is the approach I try to take as I think it is sustainable (I have always dropped the full on BBer diets in a week or so).

You definitely have a small frame, but i do believe you can go a lot further naturally.
My wife is the same weight as you and shes 2" taller and tiny. Cant really compare male and female but you know what i mean.

Pretty much what @mnben87 said. Work on progressive overload and improving what you do in the kitchen. Since you have such a small frame eat in a surplus to gain a pound a month. It may not sound like a lot but a few pounds would make a massive difference on your frame.
Eat decent food, beef, lamb, chicken, fish for protein. Low GI carbs, rice, potatos. Good fats, nuts, salmon, low fat dairy. Fruit and vegies.

Theres no real set starting point to take drugs, everyone is different. Im 5’11 and i was 220 when i started my first cycle so my own experience is pointless to advise you off because we are vastly different.

Once you have several years consistant in the gym, know how to train, know what your doing in the kitchen and have a decent base to work off then if you choose to, go for it.

Dont be disheartened. Like @mnben87 said you do have development. Your heading in the right direction. Keep up the hard work and keep working on improving.


Thats really helpfull

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I have a friend who was less built than you, also asian and a hard gainer. He did 500mgs test e per week and exploded in size. He also kept some of his gains which transformed him from skinny guy to someone who looks like he lifts. Prior to his cycle he was downing protein shakes, mass gainers and working out like an ass.

Just want to add, that that doesn’t mean you should never get a bit fluffy around the midsection. If you bulk and you stop around 16% BF that is alright. From there you are 12 weeks away from being chiseled so no problem getting a bit fatter during a bulk. But don’t go overboard with it @1kangsan.

You gotta eat and get stronger in the 5 compound movements you choose to be your main lifts. These can be squat or front squat, a DL variation, a bench variation and so on. Get stronger and eat right, you will get bigger.

The bigger you are the more BF you can get away with without looking fat.