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What to Expect from Testosterone-Only Cycle?

Hello T Nation citizen ! Good day !

Would love to have ur story / experience about using Testosterone only for your cycle
– How much does the gain u guys get ?
– Like is it alot or just little ?
– is it slow ? And for normal cycle ( 8 - 12 weeks) when does the gain usually begin to be seen ?

Please share your experience
ThankYouMuchAppreciated :blue_heart:

How old are you and what are your stats?

My crystal ball is telling me you are on week 4 of you’re first cycle and are not seeing the gain train approaching your station yet.

No Sir

I havent starting (not even buying yet) the T
Bcs based on my friend experience (he used one before 500mg /week for 10 weeks)
He said not so much noticable gains (he said gain abit of muscle - like body recomposition thing - but only little)

And i think if it’s really worth it or not bcs it costs quite amount of money tho :relieved::relieved:

Im 30 Years old
164cm / 58Kg
Been training for 5 years
But im small built from the womb :relieved:

If you’re training is sufficiently intense, you get enough sleep, and eat well, you will definitely see noticeable results from your first cycle.

I would think 500mg at your size is quite high for a first time blast though, and testosterone is a fairly slow acting hormone so maybe 350-400 over 12-14 weeks might work even better.

Over the years I’ve witnessed a lot of first cycles, as well as my own, and everyone reacts differently, though very rarely have I found someone to be displeased with their progress.

My first cycle of Test was 400mg of Test c per week,and at the time I was in my 30s and weighing 115kg naturally at about 14% body fat. In hindsight if my bf% was lower I’d have no doubt seen more change in the mirror, but still my delts and lats exploded betweens weeks 5-10, and everything slowly started to change for the better, including metabolism, endurance and most notably strength. I never looked back.

My squat bench and dead all increased by 15-25% on my first cycle, and with some thoughtful programming and bit of guidance I learnt to maintain strength gains by altering the volume in line with the tapering hormone levels between cycles. Nowdays I just blast and cruise.

Life is better in every way with higher Test - just make sure you get it from a credible source.

Thanks Buddy !! Really great information

  • And do u keep doing ur cycle after that (frist cycle) ?
  • Did u go for Calorie Deficit or Surplus ?
  • Do u still keep the gain when u off the T ?
  • And how long does “the pause” Needed between cycle ?

My first couple of cycles were followed by pct, the first clomid only, the second clomid, nolva and HCG. But the thing is my natural serum test levels prior to first cycle were bottom of normal range. Here is Australia my score was 11.1 (normal range 11-36) which is equivalent to the United States score of about 250ish. So I decided pct wasn’t worth it as I had very little to bounce back to. At your age, assuming normal blood test results I’d recommend ensuring proper pct and asuch time off as spent on.

Now days I cruise on a high level trt dose of 250mg test e per week year round, and blast with various other anabolics and/or much higher test doses for anywhere between 6-16 weeks at a time. During my “cruises” my serum test levels sit at about 38 which I guess is equivalent to around 1000 in the US measurements.

As for dietary protocol I’ll eat fairly freely during my blasts and I mini cut during every cruise with a deficit of about 800 with increased cardio, higher fibre and more attention to decreasing inflammation . I am 38 years old with the goal of being at my best shape ever at 40, so I’m playing the long game I guess you’d say.

Keeping your gains is the hardest part when cycling on and off… Pay special attention to diet and decrease volume when coming off and don’t be too scared to lose some, because it will happen. Just look forward to your next one.

Thank God for muscle memory and HYPERPLASIA

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How tall are you? This is IFBB off season pro weight and not much higher BF%.

What were the lifts before and after. This isn’t typical at all for someone with good strength to get this type of strength change. A guy doesn’t go from a 405 lb bench to a 500 lb bench in a 12 week cycle of 400 mg of test for example. Many go from 185 lb to 225 though which is about the same percentage change.

Not trying to be a dick here. I just doubt some of your numbers.


Pics or it doesn’t count…


Louie Simmons said something like “big ain’t strong, strong is strong”. No disrespect to @themeanstreets because I fell into that category myself for years. Granted, I also don’t believe I have been 14% BF since the age of like 9, but at the age of 27 I was probably 260ish but more like 25% BF. I was “box gym” strong (legitmately probably top 10% with respect to strength at the box gym), but I wasn’t really that strong (I might realistically be 35th percentile at the gym I’m at now and I am quite a bit stronger and leaner now at 32 than I was at 27).

So true. Just watched an instafram post of someone named Taylor Atwood doing the big 3. He is 163 lbs and benched 438lb / squat 645lb / dead 705lb. INSANE


Couple of the “lighter” guys are doing some crazy lifts. John Haack is one to look up if you haven’t seen him lift.

I would be happy with Atwood’s numbers as a juiced up 220 lb lifter.


LOL samsies.

John Haack is no joke. He moved up to 198 and posted this

  • Squat : 327.5kgs/722lbs
  • Bench Press : 237.5kgs/523lbs
  • Deadlift : 367.5kgs/810lbs
  • Total: 932.5kgs/2055lbs ATWR

Atwood hit an 11x BW total, he is the heaviest person to ever do it.

John Haack is an insanely good PL’er. He is going to be a huge problem for guys like me… he’s slowly moving in to strongman. And not that I am anywhere near his level, but when I do get there, he’s one more guy I’m gonna have to learn how to beat.

He was also the OSG 2nd strongest man in the world, pound for pound, beaten only by Rob Kearney.

Haack’s clean and press technique is atrocious (but he still presses more than I). If he could clean up his log and axle clean and press, he’ll be unstoppable.

I have seen guys hit big squats and deads comparable to his. I have never seen anyone that size bench like that. The lowest weight I have seen someone do a raw 500 lb bench at is like 250.

The strongest guy doesn’t always win. You will need to be fast and smart IMO to beat a guy like that.

I would argue that in all 3 of my competitions, I was not the strongest at any of them, and I took 3rd, 1st, and 1st (both of my first places I won each and every individual event as well). But John can move too, he’s plenty fast. He won LA’s strongest man, MW and he won another competition he did last year in Wisconsin.

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To the question in the thread, I think it really depends on where you are development wise, genetics, and response to AAS. I don’t think a well developed guy gains what an underdeveloped guy gains (I also think the underdeveloped guy loses a bunch after ceasing use in most cases).

I am on my second run right now (first run was 13 weeks of 325 mg of test and 50 mg of anavar for the last 7 weeks). I am 5’10", 210 lbs, and body fat is somewhere in the 15-18% range IMO (I have ab definition, but not a full 6 pack). As a former fatty, I am trying to recomp more than bulk (also I think the bulkers end up losing muscle when they cut, and end up about the same as the slow gainers / recompers). I will be happy if I put 8 total lbs on at the end of 16 weeks (@ 600 mg test per week), if it is good weight. Now that doesn’t sound like much, but how many guys do you see at my height at close to 220 with abs? Not very many I assume.

Do u have any tips for the 1st cycle ?

  • How long should i do it and the dose ?
  • How long for the PCT and the dose?
  • how long should i wait before the 2nd cycle ?
  • Should i do just T for the first cycle ?

My goal is to add abit mass (bcs ive been in very very slow progress for my gain these past 1,5years)

I need advice from the expereienced one!

And this is my current pics
164cm tall – 58Kg ( i need to be at least 65Kg)
I dont know for the body fat %


Taken from diff lighting but rouvghly look like that