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What To Expect From PCT?

So had last shot of prop a week and a half ago, it was only half of what I was doing with every shot as it was the last bit in the vial. I guess you could call it a half arsed tapper. Felt pretty crappy at the 1 week mark, no libido, pretty irritable, depressed but nothing major. From probably 2 days ago started to feel better, in the gym today and feel great. Sumo Deadlifts and back, nice pump.

Might add I started nolva a week after last shot, running 40mg a day currently. What’s going on?

I don’t understand the question.

Testosterone Propionate expresses a half-life of 4.5 days
I’ll bet you felt like shit after 7 days. If you are finely feeling better that is probablt a good sign your natural T is coming back online. Do you plan to do bloods to make sure?

I was under the impression that I would be having a shit time for at the very least a few weeks. One week in I feel like shit then 2 days later the libido is coming back and I feel pretty good in the gym. It was 16 weeks too.

Question is - is it normal to come back online that quickly?

@hrdlvn yes definitely, I was going to wait until 2 weeks after pct though I’ll see how I feel over the next couple and may get one then.

The simple and probably best answer is…everyone is different.

A lot of factors go into recovery. Age, health, starting point health, health on cycle, compounds used, length, dosage, weather or not you man up and make yourself go workout during PCT.

I bet you are fairly young, you were in good health at the start of the cycle, you kept own ass in line during the cycle, you are still eating healthy, and you are doing your damdest to keep up the same level in the gym. The part about keeping at it in the gym is more important than folks tend to think.

Congratulations you used your brain to have an effective cycle and you are currently well on your way to a good recovery.

I put some sarcasm and tongue and cheek like additude in there for the idiots that will read this, hopefully before they start a thread about their own failing PCT and recovery.

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Thanks for the reply, I noticed the attitude haha.

I had a week off the gym while I was on the tail end of the cycle and test was still high, then got straight back into it pushing myself but not the way I was on cycle. Seems to he working well, I do still feel theres quite a bit of recovery still there though it seems it’s going to be a hell of a lot easier then originally thought.

And yes I’m only 25 so that would help a hell of a lot diet was mostly spot on during cycle.

A big part is mental. I remember the first two PCTs I just had to make it through my two week wait then make it through the first week of the gym while on PCT drugs. After that I felt like I had to have been through the worst. Weather I was or not I never noticed anything after that. Yeah the strength went down but it was still up from before the cycle so I had a net gain, can’t complain about that. I was working on keeping as much as I could from the gains so I was doing something positive. Really for me I was worried about that week and once I was through it I was good. Like the old saying goes, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I expected to feel like shit with no energy but I made myself get through it so afterwards it got a little easier by the day.

First few days of the nolva had be feeling pretty nauseous, tired and what not.
I think your right on the mental thing, I just kept my head up and trained hard while feeling like shit. Now it’s not so bad and training feels good.
One thing that has been a bit of a pain is the left knee is playing up after squatting 3x200kg. Had the week off while test was high though it’s still a problem. Feel a bit shitty hitting light squats.

I have left 3 weeks in my cycle. But I will have to wait another 3 weeks since I am using sustanon.

I also wonder how it feel. But I think it won’t be much different because I have never felt super endurance or energy during the cycle :slight_smile:

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I’m glad your having a good pct bro! Mine sucked balls. And the nolva just made things worse I think. I literally felt like I had no drive to do anything. Every physical task was daunting. I didn’t experience mental sides but as far as libido and energy I had none. I felt flat at the gym like I could barely get a pump and every lift was hard lol.

Needless to say I’m now looking into trt to avoid future pct and a few other reasons. I’m only 29 so naturally there is some hesitation but depending on my labs coming up and a few other variables it might be happening!

I was most concerned about the mental sides. Physical ones weren’t really going to worry me.
My sex drive isnt back to normal by any means but I’m still ready to go if the wife is. Wife and I had another couple over last night, mentioned to them my situation and not to get offended if it didnt work, but it worked fine and had a blast haha. Wasnt as into it as I would have been pre cycle or on cycle but hey it all worked fine so I’m happy.

I was starting to think I might have naturally low T. I’ve always had anxiety, mild depression and really struggled to put on size from the get go. Could be why I feel almost normal again already. But it could also be a multitude of other things so I’ll just wait and see what labs say in a few weeks.

Hi zeek, nolva does not reduce E2 it just keeps bitch tits away. T metabolizes(leaves the body)about 4x faster than E2 drops. So there you are with no T and 4x the upper range of E2. That is a world of living hell.
This is why the second I stop my cycle injections I hit the AI. I want my E2 down as fast or faster than my T drops off.
What has worked very well for me is .25mg/wk anastrozole for 3 weeks. I am on TRT so I go 7 days with nothing and then start my 120mg/wk back up. Mt E2 goes from 125 to 27 in less than 3 weeks and I have no high E2 symptoms like my dick quits working or I hold excess water or Iget chocked up over stupid stuff on TV. Give it a try next time see what you think. No way could it be worse that what you just discribed.

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Yeah I forgot to add that I run the AI a few days past last injection of prop and then two doses between then and now. Could be contributing to why I dont feel like a mess.

Edit: I’ve dropped 4-5kg of water as well and I feel great. This pct is nothing like I expected.

i hope i also drop 5kg water weight :smiley:

This is what my resting heart rate did in a week and a half after last prop injection. Was actually a little surprised.

It feels good man haha