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What to Expect from Next Bloodwork?


I started ghrp6 and cjc1295 about 2 weeks ago, 100mcg 3x a day each. What should I expect from my next blood work? Will this have any effect on my "T" & E2 levels or ratios?

I know this is not the "Steroid" forum but I thought the TRT guys may have had some experience with this.


I've never tried peptides, but I've read threads from guys claiming mixed results.
Are you using the combo above for fat loss ? Or other ? How are the results ?


I was after the "Better Sleep" and hopefully some joint/tendon relief. I have a small nagging leg injury that seems to be hanging around. I do feel my sleep quality has increased. I am somewhat lean so dropping weight is not something I'm looking for.


I've seen the combo you are using advertised at a T clinic in Boston. They are claiming weight loss form it.
Have you ever tried ZMA for sleep quality ? It's effective for me, but it gives me crazy dreams.


I did some research on ZMA. (Zinc, Magnesium and B6) What does that do for you? It sounds like a vit/min supplement.


Victor Conte from Balco came up with it a long time ago.
Before TRT I took it as a test booster, which I can say it didn't do much in that dept.
What I did notice is great sleep. Three pills an hour before bed, and I sleep soundly through the night
without waking up here and there. In the morning I feel well rested, but not groggy.

It does cause vivid dreams though, I mean..whacked out dreams that almost seem to repeat.
Many people think it's the magnesium content, but I've tried all the contents alone (zinc, b6 and magnesium)
separately and never got the same effect or sleep quality. I've read a few times the magic
is in the ratios of the three ingredients.


It seems like you have done your homework. Is there a particular brand you liked? Could you tell the difference that night? I remember trying L-Tryptophan and that gave me some vivid dreams. I don't have a problem with vivid dreams as long as they are about that cute blond that sat in my homeroom 30 plus years ago!

I am on Ambien and yes it does knock me out but the quality of sleep sucks. It says it's not addictive but I seem to not be able to go with out it (sounds like an addition to me) from my research, it doesnt seem to give you that deep sleep.


I just bought some from Amazon a cpl weeks ago, PrimaForce is the brand, I think it was $18 for 180 caps.
I don't mind the crazy dreams, it seems like what ever you watched on TV gets in there...not bad if
you were watching girls on trampolines, but not so great if you were watching Dexter, True Blood or Breaking Bad.

I've tried Melatonin too, seems to work but ZMA is better IMO. Read an article about great sleep
from GABA the other day and have a btl on my desk, but haven't tried it yet. A bit leery as it's related to
GHB, and I like to have a glass of wine or a bourbon at night to help me wind down.

Had a stint with Ambien in my early 30's, I loved that stuff but the sleep quality was bad and
I felt as though I didn't dream while on it.

Let me know what you think on the ZMA if you give it a try.


Thanks Bro, it sounds like you have been down the same road I'm traveling. I'll grab some this week and let you know.