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What to Expect from HCG Injections?

Hello all I am 21 and am being prescribed HCG and an anti-e to kickstart my testosterone hopefully. I am currently sitting at 320 total testosterone. What kind of result do you think I can expect number-wise from this medication? I’m really hoping it can get me to the 800-900 scale. Is that a possibility? Does anyone have experience on what they’re numbers shot up to? Thanks for the help.

Kick-start as in take hcg, get T up and then stop hcg in the hopes that T will remain high? Just trying to understand what your plan is.

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Yes sir that is my plan hopefully

From what I understand, your T will drop as soon as you stop HCG.

My levels went up 50% and libido through the roof (among with morning wood).

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At 21 you need to identify the root cause for your low T. LH high or low? Prolactin elevated? MRI done? Thyroid ok? Genetics ok (Kallmans)? Did you experience any injury to your testicles?

hCG will most likely increase T, but it will not kick start your system.

hCG in combination with a SERM (I guess clomi or tamoxi) doesn’t make sense.


HCG doesn’t kickstart your natural production, it suppresses the HPTA, you know that thing you’re trying to jumpstart. You don’t need a restart, your HPTA is already functioning, however poorly.

By anti-e, I think you mean estrogen blocking medications, this blocks estrogen and increases testosterone in older men, not younger men. AI’s (anti-e) can’t work within the intratesticular environment where estrogen is produced for those on HCG, so reducing the dosage may be the only way to lower estrogen.

HCG doesn’t work for everyone, in fact I don’t see a whole lot of men doing well on HCG monotherapy. If you’re testicles are damaged and have primary hypogonadism, HCG is a waste of time.

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Thanks for the reply, I have very good genetics, prolactin level is good. MRI was done on my shoulder and found that I had 0 fluid in the joint. Estrogen level in good range because in the past I took anastrozole. Thyroid was good as well. LH was not checked. I have had varicocele surgery in the past which is connected to low testosterone, however I took steroids years prior and is the main cause of my low testosterone.

Does it make a difference that this happened because of prior steroid use? (3 years ago). My HRT doctor wanted to try the HCG route first before putting me on TRT. I have been prescribed anastrozole along with the HCG. I am directed to take .25mg every other day.

I was prescribed antidepressants before HCG by my primary doctor, all it did was give me extreme anxiety when I stopped taking them and seemed to worsen the problem. I do not take them anymore it has been about 6 months.

Steroids can damage the leydig cells in the testicles, if your LH levels were midrange, I don’t expect HCG to do much of anything.

Do you remember your LH levels?

I’ve never had my LH tested. I’m surprised none of the blood labs tested for that. You think I can order those tests at a LabCorp?

Which antidepressants were you using and for how long?

Lexapro, 45 days

This should have been the first clue that this doctor is not a good choice to manage your hormones, if you are primary meaning your testicles are damaged, then HCG would then be inappropriate and is the wrong choice.

Also if SHBG levels are on the higher end, HCG is also the wrong choice.

Usually these antidepressants medications lower testosterone by calming/sedating the pituitary gland, then are difficult to get off without serious side effects. This is what caused my low testosterone, my body was too stressed out from the withdrawal and pituitary function was reduced.

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Conclusions and Relevance: Testosterone treatment appears to be effective and efficacious in reducing depressive symptoms in men, particularly when higher-dosage regimens were applied in carefully selected samples. However, given the heterogeneity of the included RCTs, more preregistered trials are needed that explicitly examine depression as the primary end point and consider relevant moderators.

I’ve went to 7 doctors so far. None of them have tested LH. I will go get that tested and go from there.

For me personally, HCG when used with Adex adds 300 points of Testosterone above and beyond what the Testosterone shots will do by themselves.

I’ve seen may people who screw their hormones after steroid use. Unfortunately in most cases there is no recovery. You’ve already missed the time for a restart.

What you can do now is to try a really good restart protocol using SERM and HCG. I would advise to consult a doctor that is experienced in this, doctor who works with steroids. If that fails TRT will be your only option. And anti-depressants have made the situation only worse.

I see mix things on this. A SERM like Clomid increases LH and FSH but if you combine with HCG I’d think it would cancel it out as HCG suppresses it .

Easily to 600- 900 with the right dose of HCG. The question is, will your free T go up? HCG has a tendency to raise TT but not FT as much. Which means it must affect SHBG.

Because of your age and there is a chance you have idiopathic hypogonadism you may want to try some type of androgen therapy for 6 -12 months and then do a restart to see if your natural production will come in.

This has been shown in studies for those with partial or absent puberty.

Hope this helps.

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