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What to Expect from Cutting Cycle?


Hello T-Nation, I am currently in the midst of a cutting cycle, about 1 month in and I've dropped a substantial amount of body fat while slightly increasing strength through carb cycling. I feel as if I have reached a plateau and I ordered a thermogenic fat burner and a diuretic. I also cut my carbs in half (today) from my previous carb cycling to see if my body fat percentage drops a bit.

My question is, what to expect with the diuretic and fat burner considering my diet is pin point on. Below are my macro's for the diet, note this might change +/- 100 calories daily at most!

Normal Carb 1855 102 226
High Carb 2030 128 243
Low Carb 1830 58 226


the first picture was taken september 29th, this picture was taken last night (oct 11).


You are currently on the wrong website.

Anorexics anonymous has a different url.


You might not have of noticed but there are people who go for a lean ripped physique, not as bulky as others. To each their own I presume. I consider myself to be fairly muscular for 188 pounds and want to cut down some. Thank You.


No I said that because cutting at your size is called "anorexia"

And to add some substance to this thread. You dont have enough muscle to be ripped. But if you had any real world experience and were capable of understanding that you wouldnt be attempting this journey to faildom


^^Heres the deal OP... You are not going to get very good responses in this thread. You do not have very much muscle on you. This is a bodybuilding website. Even if you arent going for a "bulky" look, have a decent amount of muscle is desirable.

judging from your pictures you are not "fairly muscular." You're right that different people have different goals but posting the pictures that you posted on a bodybuilding website is not going to get you positive responses I'm afraid. you arent going to be getting any compliments in here.

Stay away from the diuretic man. You dont need that at your level of development... also if you have hit a plateau after one month then your training and diet are not "pin point on."


You're probably going to die, dude.


Do you even know what a diuretic is?


You weigh 188 "muscular" lbs and your HIgh Carb day is 2030 calories?! I think you have some reading to do.



Yeah buddy, to echo what others are saying here I'm not sure your diet is spot on. I've started a cutting cycle about two weeks back. I'm around 192.5 lbs and my high carb day is about 2900 calories, and I'm dropping weight quickly.

So, if you actually have a bit of muscle, then 2000 calories is way too low. All your gonna do is kill your t-levels, destroy your metabolism, and end up sacrificing any muscle you are starting with.

But as others have mentioned, it doesn't matter what you read in Men's Health. If you don't have enough muscle on your body, you're not going to have that lean cut look that cover models have.

Oh, one more thing: don't take a diuretic.