What to Expect From Creatine?

I just bought the Micronized German Creatine from Biotest because i have heard good things about Creatine. It was also really cheap so i figured why not try it out

I just wanted to know the positive and negative things that everyone has seen while taking creatine.

You can expect fuller looking muscles due to increase muscle cell hydration and increased ATP/muscle cell energy. This usually results in increased reps per set.


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Anyone else care to share what they experienced with creatine

Im not to sure if I can nail anything concrete but I notice a larger ability to do work when on both creatine and BCAA. The difference between BCAA and no BCAA is huge though. The difference between 2 muscle-ups in a row and 6.


I noticed pretty much the next day and the next few days I looked more full in my chest. I added 20 pounds to my bench from not using to using it, so it helped me. Ive managed to up my bench 45 pounds so far. I would say it helps, no negatives so far.

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It helps my strength a little bit, but every bit counts in my books and it’s cheap enough to use year round.

Taking creatine will undoubtedly give you more energy (ATP) and increase strength. Also expect to gain up to 10 pounds in weight. But not to worry, it’s just weight from all the water in your muscle (retention).

I’ve read in articles where joint pain was reported. But I’ve never had such problems. Just take your fish oils and you’ll be good.

Taking too much (loading) creatine could make you bloat and sometimes cause diarhea though.

I actually just started taking it for the first time about two weeks ago. I didn’t notice much the first two days but on my workout on day 3 I noticed a huge improvement. I’m doing the Complexes for Fat Loss routines and I blasted through all my sets and finished up with more weight than I normally do.

I really can’t picture myself working out without it now. I also noticed much fuller muscles too. It’s amazing how much it has changed things in two weeks. I’ve never taken many supps before though so my results might not be typical of people who have used supps for years I guess.


Honestly if you were going to take one supplement for muscle retention/building it should be Creatine, if two, add BCAAS, if three-L-Glutamine (I’d highly recommend all three). I have noticed a the previously stated muscle fullness effect, increased energy and recovery and an enhanced muscle building effect.

The combination of these three supplemements gives your body about all it needs in order to synthesize muscle tissue thus both halting the catabolic effect of training and creating that anabolic environment.

There are numerous studies regarding these three supplements- I’m sure you may find many on T-Nation. Just ensure you drink A LOT of water.

Thank you guys for sharing your experiences