what to expect from a ECA cycle

I’m just wondering how effective is an ECA cycle. How much fat should I expect to lose without losing signifant lbm. I’m 5’5" 16%bf 165lbs. Living in Canada, I still have a choice of buying ephedrine.

What is the amount of each you are going to take?

What type of workout will you do?

You left out major details before we could tell how much you will lose and if you keep your LBM.

You really have supplied no information here. No one will be able to give you a good answer to this question.

Having said that, I can say with fair confidence that you will find that it will decrease your appetite.

I believe the majority of the effects are anoretic in nature, and less so from being ‘thermogenic’.

How about some diet info?

Suffice to say, even with the additional information, no one will be able to give you a concrete answer to this question. However, this is a tried and true supplement combo for fat loss.

Maybe I’m in the small percentage, but I never viewed an ECA stack as a weight loss thing, more of an energy thing. Guess I always assumed that it may have had more to do with the subsequent diets and training people started when they started their ECA.

Having said that I was an MD6 fiend for the energy benefits and seem to remember not being near as hungry after taking it.

That’s like asking “How drunk will my friend get from drinking a beer?”

which reminds me…

How drunk will my friend get from drinking a beer?

Thats funny.

ECA cycle.

look what the ban on epehdra has done= lead to ignorant misuse, of a supplement that while it weas legal was boring because we all knew anything about it.


  1. blood vasolidation.(often overlooked)
  2. Beta adrenergic receptors agonism - which results in improved energy, appetite suppression, fat breakdown in the fatty cells, but also jitteriness(sp?) and on the long run, adrenal burn out.
    obviously there are other implications, as beta receptors are abandant in the body.

Make your initial dosage small, work it up. have your first cycle short and prepare for withdrawk symptoms. if your using it for energy boost, save it for stranous workouts, for diet, make sure you have some aerobics to go along with it.


I love EC stacks. I train like an animal on them and drop fat faster. shit it even clears up my Athsma.
Fuck all the bastards that are making P out of it and ruining my fun. Fuck all them junkies cock suckers to hell.

I use ECA to get “jacked up” before workouts. I’m not terribly concerned with its effects relative to fat loss since my diet and exercise program is working for that by itself. I find that I can train a little harder for a little longer when taking it and I get a good sweat going which I like.

It will work as good as your diet is. Remember it’s a supplement and your diet needs to be in order first.

Wouldn’t everyone agree that at that level of bf, the most that an average person could hope to lose is 2 lbs. of fat/week. (Assuming no PH, PS, or juice is used.)

Yeah, but some people wants that 2lbs of fat lost in one day, and then wait a week before another 2 lbs of fat in lost another day.