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What To Eat

Im 5’8" and 160 and im kind of built but lean- Im totally confused as to what to eat. Im eating about 160 grams of protein a day but Im not really getting stronger -what do I eat so that I dont get fat but I get enough to gain mass -Ive read about guys eating 3000 calorie diets -if I did that I would definately get fat -please help-thanks

Oh boy.


3000 calories is not that much. When I did T-Dawg (a fairly strict cutting diet), I was at 2500 calories and dropping fat fast. Also, if you want to put on muscle, you’re going to have to accept some fat loss. That’s life. Read that thread I linked to, and read all the articles that it links to.

At that height and weight, 2500 cals is about where nothing happens, assuming you don’t even exercise. So, you’re likely eating about 2500-3000 a day now or you’d be losing weight.

Try tracking your food with fitday.com for a few days to see where you stand. Then increase your calories a little at a time until you’re gaining at the level you want.

Try here too;
Remember some fats are good for you, even saturated fat at a balanced level is healthy in many ways. The only fat you should watch out for in any form is TRANS-fats and their sources. If you’re heavily working out the abundant calories you intake won’t add up to excess fat. Know your foods/nutrients/proper intake amounts and keep everything balanced. The extra strength will come along.

Just eat man. The point is to eat a lot if you want to bulk up; worry about cutting once you’re heavier. Like one of the dudes before me said: accept that you’re going to put on some fat, but it shouldn’t be an exorbitant amount if you’re fairly lean and always have been. At 160, the last thing you need to worry about is putting on a little fat.

i bulked for 2 months and had to stop since i dont get enough protein to bulk,but im 5’11 190 and ive lost fat eating 4000 cals a day,im cuttin now so i can get rid of the small gut i got,but it aint nothin to worry about,ive been doing cardio(bball and sprints/lay-ups)for an hour the past week and this week and my arms are already more defined and my stomach is going down quick…dont worry too much