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What To Eat

I just ordered 3 bottles of MAG-10 and you have to intake huge amounts of protein. Would it be better to get some protein bars and shakes or try to take it in naturally or both. And if I get the protein I need through food, what do I eat and how much?

Try to get about 2g/lb of LBM from animal, milk, and egg proteins.

Read the MAG-10 Plan for Success.

Go for the food first, and when you can’t possibly eat any more, perhaps use a thin (whey only) protein powder to fill the nutritional gaps. My first cycle I used around 200g food based, 200g powder. As I learned to eat bigger however the ratio moved in favour of food.

a combo of food and powder is good. It all depends on your life and schedule. Shakes are for conviniance and some of us need that convinience more then others. stay away from the cost inhibitive protein bars. Make a huge shake in the morning with just enough water to make it drinkable, so as to keep the volume low and then drink extra water whenever you take a serving. laters pk

i only used 4 scoops of grow a day. i got the rest of my protein (about 400g) from cottage cheese, milk, beef, chicken, eggs, and other high protein foods. real food is definately the best way to go.

I haven’t used MAG-10 before, but a very successful diet I’ve used was Massive Eating w/ 5 pounds hamburger a day, 2 pounds salmon, and 5 pounds vegetables. That should be enough protein.

If you alternate a solid (meat, eggs) protein meal with a liquid protein(milk, protein powder) meal, you will have an easier time meeting your caloric and protein needs. I agree with Joel also that you should aim to eat at least 2g protein per lb LBM and also at least 3g carbs per lb LBM while on MAG-10.

So you guys are of the opinion that Bill Roberts recomendation of 400 g of protein and 500 g of carbs is not really what you need? Do you think it’s going to work as well if I weigh 165 (so use 330 g of protein) as opposed to 400? Thanks

I think Bill’s recommendations are very good, but I’m not sure a really small guy needs quite that much. 2g protein per lb LBM and 3g carbs per lb LBM are minimums. These values may also be more appropriate for a really big guy who may not be meeting his needs with 400g protein and 500g carbs, although that is still a lot of food. It just may not be enough for a 250 lb guy taking 2 doses a day.