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What to Eat to Start Cutting?


Wana start cutting for summer I'm roughly 220lbs at 15-17% BF. Wondering if anyone has any ideas of what my macros and calories should be at and also some meal choices. Cause all I can think of to eat that's healthy for a cut is plain chicken, with rice and vegetables



Also, in the top right hand corner of your screen is a magnifying class which represents the search function. Use it. There are TONS of great nutrition articles on this site. Find a plan, stick to it strictly for 4+ weeks and re-evaluate based on your results. Oh, and lift heavy.


What's wrong with turkey, fish, beef, pork, or eggs? Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, oatmeal, or fruit? Tons of guys drop fat while eating any of those foods. Nothing wrong with simplifying the approach, but it's crazy to limit yourself to just three foods for any extended period of time.

Nate Miyaki's paleo-hybrid approach is a pretty straight-forward way of eating. The meals would be simple: A serving of cooked animal, serving of cooked carb source (from appropriate source), serving or raw or cooked vegetables - several times per day.

With that kind of approach, the macros and calories sort themselves out to an extent. You'd adjust things weekly based on the progress you were or weren't seeing.

For fat loss, diet will obviously do a bunch of the work, but your training is definitely a factor too. The best bet is to pick a well-designed routine from the archives and just follow it as-is. Or did you have something in mind already?


Thanks, just made this 5 min ago haven't figured out all the stuff on the site


Probably want to get fat in there.

Make sure your meals consist of meat/eggs, some quality carbs, some fat and as many veggies as you can stomach.

Eat slowly and until you're almost full.

You should be able to get to 10% body fat with that approach.