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What to Eat Pre-Workout at 5:30am?


Hi, Im doing stronglifts at the moment and working out about 5.50am - 7ish, waking up at 5.30am.

What should I eat pre workout? Lately I haven't been eating anything pre-workout which is probably an error on my part.

My weights are starting to get up and every workout is pretty much a new PR for me. Tomorrow morning is 115kg's Squats 5x5's and 102.5kgs's Benchs 5x5's so having some extra energy for these workouts would help alot!




I would go with trial and error here bro-see what works best for you.

me personally-in order not to puke my brains out when working out early-my belly needs Protein and Fat about 40 minutes before intense exercise- and I need to sip Surge throughout the workout other wise I crash and like I said...it gets messy


What about Creatine? I've never taken that before but sounds like it could help from what i've read.

I've only got about 20 minutes from waking to working out so i think (probably wrongly) that this decreases my options of what to eat pre-workout?

And i don't think its very easy to get Surge here in Australia and the places i have found it and other Biotest stuff they have almost been twice what they are in the US. Weak $AUD i think is the cause of that.


Yeah man Creatine is a decision you will have to make on your own, and it would depend on your training goals-Just look up the 10,000,000 threads on creatine on the Diet and Supp forum and decide if it is for you.

Again I can't take it because it will DESTROY my stomach.

as for the timing Before your workout-I dont think that changes what you can or cannot eat before hand, but finding out how your body is going to react will be the main thing...Like I said bro trial and error-were all made different.

if you wake up at 0530 you can get food in your body right away and get some digestion going before you go hit it hard.


Creatine really doesn't have calories and should be taken after a workout. Some do 5-10g before a workout and 5-10g after (preference; a lot of debate you can find here and there about it, still). Creatine is a great product to take. Try an energy drink or a easy mix powder form one if you looking for a quick boost before a workout. Or why not wake up earlier in order to eat like hour before a workout?


I usually train in the evening, but I can't help but think that Surge Workout Fuel would help in your case.


Mainly because its hard enough to get up at 5.30ish enough as it is, let alone getting up an hour or so earlier to eat pre-workout. Then there is the issue of trying to maintaining getting enough sleep on the days of working out as well???


It's not as early, but I usually wake up at 730 and leave my house by about 745 and go straight to the gym so I have to be quick. I usually just have something like a protein shake with a banana and some peanut butter. Is really quick, fair amount of calories, and doesn't bother me during workout.

Edit: I put the banana and peanut butter in the shake, if that wasn't clear.


some days i wake up at 4am to eat breakfast and get to the gym at 530 to lift before my 8am class.

good times

oh and to answer your question, i have a cup of greek yogurt(18g fat) oatmeal, berries and a scoop of whey.

then 30minutes before lifting i have some bcaa's, my multi and a piece of fruit(orange/banana/apple) and some times a caffeine pill...or two


Go to bed earlier???