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What To Eat, Drink Pre-Workout?

I am up at 5:30 to work out. What are the best things to eat or drink pre workout.

I have been drinking powder gatorade and protein powder. Any suggestions?

It depends on how long you have prior to training, what you can tolerate, and your goals.

If you train right away, Surge is great. Chuge a serving and begin lifting.

If you have an hour or more between eating and training, it’s a good idea to get some whole food. If you’re goal is primarily to gain size, eat as much as you comfortably can without interfering with your training. A carb and protein-rich meal works best for most at this time.

I agree with MB.

I’m up at 5am to train and if I know I have an hour or so I eat eggs and oats.

I have been doing a bastardized version of the “double dose Surge” (which has been awesome so far) so I eat breakfast then I have 1/2 of my first Malto/whey hydro-iso/BCAA before my workout, the second half during, then drink the second serving post.

If i don’t have time for breakfast, I do my double dose Surge pre and post, then make breakfast my post-workout meal. Eggs and oats.

What I normally do when I have to workout early is:

-Wake up, hit a protein shake + Apple
-Go to gym sip on 1 serving Surge during
-another Surge after the workout
-PW meal about an hour or two later

I do this when I wake up and I am constrained for time on the day therefore don’t have time to make/digest a proper breakfast…


I used to workout at 5:00 am and I would basically take abunch BCAA’s with some uppers, drink a huge gatorade protien shake before and during my workout. Afterwards I would have another with a little grape juice added. Then I would start eating an hour after.

i wake up at the same time.

i usually have three eggs, a few pieces of whole wheat toast, typically grape juice, but anything with lots of sugar and ham or some other form of meat.

i also take HOT-ROX. i just finished my first bottle and i do like it. i have not experienced the miraculous gains advertised, but have dropped slightly in body fat percentage. the out of sight amounts of caffiene really get me going in the morning though, so i use it for the energy more than anything.

after my work out, i usually have a met-rx packet, creatine and more juice.

or, i just mix ON whey in a glass of milk, take a multi vitamin and have the creatine and juice.

i’m not sure how scientific my diet is, but i do experience consistent growth so i’m not too worried about small technicalities.