What to Eat Between Weigh-in and PL Comp?

What would be a good meal/drink to have if I only have like 2-3 hours between weigh-in and my opener? Let’s assume I’ve done some type of low carb dieting for the final week of meet prep just to drop waterweight.

I’m not sure if I’m wrong here, but with such little time between weigh in and lifting, would it make sense to take nothing but gatorade, juice and other sugary liquids? How long would it take to refill some of my glycogen stores, if I was to drink those sugary liquids in a fasted state (I don’t eat breakfast before weigh in).

Would some kind of starchy carb be better? on the one hand, I want my glycogen refilled ASAP, on the other hand, the meet might take a while, so maybe I should have something slower digesting. Opinions?

It sounds like Plazma would be ideal for what you are trying to do.