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What to Eat Before Working Out in the Morning?


Hello guys, im always training in the morning. I go to the gym after i woke up.
I have read that the body has a high cortisol state in the morning. So the Body burns fat, but also breaks down protein.
I often trained with an empty stomach. If i took a shake bevore training it was with protein and with some glucose.
I personally thought the combination of glucose and protein would be the best, but today i read an article that made me doubt. The article explained that if the insulin level increases, the body won´t burn fat, and also that your muscle cells don´t get the glucose, caused by the high cortisol you had before. So it would be better to drink the protein with some fat.
Does this really help? Wouldn´t it take to much time to digest it?

So basically i want to know what combination would be best before my morning workout if i would want to loose fat, and whether the combination is the same when i would want to bulk or not.

Guys I am sorry if my grammar isn´t that good.

I hope you can help me, thank you.


carbs fat and protein.


egg on toast… a protein shake… whatever you like


I eat 3 eggs, 1 piece of wheat toast and 1 cup of Chobani vanilla yogurt with 1 cup of fruit in it then a protein shake directly afterwords. I find that meal has sufficient carbs to power my workout, 38 g of protein plus 24 g from my shake with low fat


Thanks for your answers.
This sounds like to much volume for my stomach if i am training 30 minutes after it.

I dont have a problem with power for my workout, the question is more about the hormonal aspects. I would stick to my protein/glucose shake if i the hormonal aspect is irrelevant.



If you’ve eaten sufficient carbs the evening before then your glycogen stores will be full, so in my opinion no need for any carbs pre workout. PERSONALLY I take some HMB and Cit Malate (3.g and 6-8g respectively) 30 -45 minutes pre workout if training early in the morning.

Strength and energy for the workouts at this time have been fine, but I usually only train for 45-60 minutes if with weights, often less. I’ve noticed that I can have more total calories during the day and stay leaner this way…

Give it a shot

Nice one



I didn´t knew HMB before, i will try it, seems to be the right thing for me, thank you :slight_smile:


No worries

HMB doesn’t spike insulin like BCAA, but is still anti-catabolic (doesn’t halt fat burn but will spare muscle tissue)

Please let me know how you get on.




Don’t forget that the presence of insulin doesn’t completely halt fat loss. Think of it more like a dimmer switch.

It’s still very possible to lose weight eating carbs with every meal. If your workouts feel more productive with a little carbs in ya then have at it.


You´re right, makes sense. I´m eating High Carb and I can loose fat with it.
I just thought if I´m training in the morning and this is the best time to burn fat, since cortisole has the highest concentration, it would be nice to get the best out of it.

Like to don´t activate the dimmer for my benefits in the morning to get the maximum amount of fat burned and then after workout I get my rice and chicken postworkout in to spike the insulin for muscle building.


Agreed of course, but I suppose much depends on what your specific goal is…

I also eat pretty high carb usually 250-300g a day when doing Muay Thai and doing resistance training (currently no MT as I had a minor hernia op 3 weeks ago). Leaner you are the more carbs you can handle, and I personally eat most of mine in the evening, regardless of what time I train.




This is a good explanation about the hormonal effects and benefits of taking carbs preworkout.

This leads me finally to the conclusion to keep drinking my glucose protein shake in the morning before workout :smiley: .

I´m thanking everyone for answering to this topic.