What to Eat Before Sports

today i held off my leg day till tommorow because we have a broomball game tonight at 11. I ate normally today like i was preparing for a workout. Carbs in the morning and hamburgers, chicken and olive oil the rest of the day(5 or 6 hamburgers and 2 thighs). I think my liver glucose is low because i barely ate carbs yesterday(fell asleep really early).

Before tonight what should i eat? should i down my normal pre workout drink and post workout drink like normal(maybe a little less?)
my pre and post is a scoop of protein powder, scoop of malto and scoop of dextrose with powdered gatorade. Its about 400 calories per drink.

Also, what type of meal should eat? i was planning on having another hamburger or maybe chicken, but not really any carbs.

what to do?

You hepatic glycogen stores would not be hurting from a single day of eating fewer carbs than normal, unless of course you happened to do a week’s worth of Waterbury TBT workouts in that one day.


Broomball rules! We always got the rink late at night too. It cut into our drinking time.