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What to Eat Before Meet?

Hey all, I have a powerlifting meet coming up next month that starts rather early, i.e. the weigh ins are at 7am and the lifting starts at 8am! I’m not worried about making weight, but what should I have for breakfast that day? I’m used to training in the early evening, so this throws me off a bit. What could I have that will give me some good energy but not turn me into Linda Blair during the squat? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanx.

A handful of ephedra and Fina should do the trick.



carbs man. just don’t eat anything you’re not used to eating

I have a couple suggestions.

If you are not used to getting up that early, make sure to start getting up that early for 3-5 days before your meet so that your body is better accustomed to the schedule. You may also want to lift in the mornings a few times beforehand.

I’m not a competitive lifter, but I have been to track meets that start early and last all day. I prefer peanut butter and jelly, but stay light on the pb. I would eat a couple for breakfast and pack some with, too. Fruit can be good too, oranges especially. Caffeine and ephedrine (if allowed) as needed. Drink plenty of water, you want to be fully hydrated. Gatorade is also good, just be sure to not fill up on it. The biggest thing is to stay away from foods high in fat or protein.

I agree with tedro.

Try to start lifting early in the morning to get your body accustomed to lifting in the morning.

Drastically changing the time of day when I lift is not a trivial thing, for me at least. Don’t put it off until the day of the meet.

I have a very insightful.pdf I can send you, PM me with your email if interested.

I would love to here more advice on this topic because I have a similar competion coming up.