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What To Eat Before Bed?


i know ur supposed to have a p+f meal before bed, but am very confused with what kinds of those foods ur supposed to eat. by my logic, ur supposed to have cc before bed, but heres my problem:

1) cottage cheese has some carbs in it, thus negating the fact of having lots of cc protein.

2) cc makes me throw up whenever it gets near my mouth when eating it plain.

3) there are many better p+f meals to have that dont have cc in them.

so my question is: is it still okay to have maybe chicken, tuna, or steak before bed as my p+f meal? One things for sure, it tastes ten times better...:slightly_smiling:


The cottage cheese I use only has 6 carbs in 1/2 a cup. A few carbs before bed wont kill you.Just make sure you don't eat a shit-load of them before bed.If you eat 15 carbs with protein before bed it really won't matter because the protein will slow the digestion down.Also make sure there is some fiber in those carbs.


thx dearly for the reply! i thought noone was going to answer...

anyway, wont it taste 10x better to have a meat + olive oil, or is it optimal to just have cc?


ok ive searched and found that eating meats could be an option. however, do u guys think its optimal? what r the bad sides of eatin meats to u guys?


good, lowfat meats=no problem.

lighten up. Unless you are in some kind of training, why worry yourself so much. Carbs are not your enemy. Ya, they can definitely be overdone, and you want to avoid the more processed ones, but carbs are ok. Yes, even before bed.

Unless you are on a serious cutting/losing phase--don't sweat it.


i eat meat everyday but i don't sleep so well if i load up on meat before bed. almost all cottage cheese makes me gag as well but the ones that are naturally fermented are different and i actually like. right now i'm buying a brand called "nancy's cultured cottage cheese" from oregon. damn tasty if you ask me.


damnit! i geuss its back to the gagging...olive oil and cc here i come!

wait, when u say it doesn't make u sleep well, is it because it digests too fast?


Why in the world would anyone eat something they don't like.

Eat some jerky, have a glass of milk with protein and olive oil, eat some nuts and have some protein with it.

You guys kill me--
eating something that makes you gag--for what.
And do you know that meat will affect you the way it affects swivel? Have you even tried it?


ive never tried it yet :frowning:

did any of u guys have a bad experience?


Grow!+Peanut Butter=yummy pre-bed snack.



i cant afford Grow! sorry


yeah bro try it and see will ya ?
dude eggs are a good way to go. alot of times i'll eat a few eggs and 3 or 4 ounces of meat and some fish caps. but just eggs alone are a pretty good p&f meal.


dude Grow! is cheaper than meat !


have you tried blending your cottage cheese in your pre bedtime protien shake? you can down it all without breathing in about 15seconds, if it really bothers you that much. its what i do along with some PB and fish caps.. just my 2c


ive tried, but still not good results :frowning: (not the meat thing, downing cc in shake)

anything with cc and im out


Try putting salsa dip on your cottage cheese, salsa has is very low cal and tastes good with cc.

Before bed i have 25g raw calcium caliceinate with milk and water, and a wholegrain toasted cottage cheese and peanut butter sandwich and i have been growing at an alarming rate after doing it, i also have very little if any fat gain.


whoa! so u eat a p+c meal b4 u go to bed?!

i use to have 1 cup oats mixed in with 2 cups cc


cheese, egg and spinach omellete, add some olive oil on top of it (good p+f meal), some ketchup or any dip, salsa, etc, and ull be fine.... don't make such a big deal about it, just eat, if u aren't a pro or training for a contest then any p+f meal (if you want to keep your carbs low) will be fine, about the meat thing... my meal before my bed time meal consists of veggies, beans and meat.. eat whatever, better than nothing


thx guys! i appreciate every bit of everything u guys give. god i love combining my meals.


Hey dude, I LOVE eating a pound of steak or ground beef before bed. I normally precede that with a protein shake and sometimes even some plain yogurt. But yeah, I can't stand cottage cheese either so I know where you're comming from. Go with the meat bro. Go with the meat.