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What to Eat Before and After GYM?


I am very confused about meal which should I take before gym for maximum performance. And after gym for muscle recovery. And I have just started workout .
Age = Almost 19 years old (just 2 months left)
Weights = 66 kilograms
Height = 5 feets 7 inches


My morning eating routine, which I don’t recommend, is egg custard before the gym and gainer and oats with a pint of whole milk afterwards.

It would probably help people point you in the right direction if you described your goals and what type of workout you do.


What time do you hit the gym amigo?


Evening at 5:30 PM.


Decent amount of carbs and protein an hour or so before, and as soon after as you can manage. Something like 50-75 grams carbs and 30-45 grams protein in each meal would probably do the job.