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What to Eat at School/Work?


My diet is pretty good but i'm having trouble coming up with what to eat at college and work.

I eat with a lot of people but i dont eat carbs other than breakfast and PWO so i can't just bring a sandwhich or something. It's difficult to think of anything good to bring to eat that doesn't seem strange without some type of bread.

I have 2 meals. One i just plan on blending a protein shake with some peanut butter but the other i would be eating with other people.

Nuts are a good option but i need more protein.

thanks guys


Hey I kind of got the same problem. At work I only have a 15 min break, and I usually just bring some almonds. Im not sure how much protein you are trying to get per meal, but the almonds I get are 7 grams of protein for 160 cal. ,so i eat 2-3 servings, and I get around 18 grams of protein. My coworkers would make fun of me if I brought chicken and broccoli in a container to heat up, so I stick with nuts.


Just roll up some meat/cheese/lettuce in low-carb wraps.

Also, you may have to learn to deal with people thinking you're weird for eating healthy. But seriously, if your co-workers or friends give you shit for eating chicken and broccoli... Screw 'em! I usually look down at what those types of people are eating and say something like: "Yeah, I used to enjoy all that kiddie crap too... When I was TEN!" Works every time.


You can go to your school cafeteria and grab a salad with a healthy sandwich. You have to learn to make the best decision with what you have to work with.


Buy a food storage bag, I have one I got at target that's huge for 10 bucks. Who gives a fuck what people think or say, should be the least of your worries. I'm pretty sure your cafeteria has a fridge you can throw some perishable items in the morning until you hit lunch.

Just be cool when you ask if you can use it. I bring a big ass bottle of fish oil (16 ounces) to work everyday also with my stuff and store it in the fridge at work.

Work doesn't have a fridge? Find a cheap ass small one and install the bitch at work. Target gots one 89 bucks or craigslist one.


When I was in college, I used to get steamed white rice with teriyaki chicken and steamed veggies. Looking back now, the white rice wasnt such a wise move. But it was the best meal I could find within a college cafeteria. Certainly better than most of the shit other kids were eating.


I literately brought in a duffle bag of food to work everyday filled with 4 tupperware containers (ready to burst with food), 1 sandwich, almonds for snacking, piece of fruit, and 2 protein shakes (peri/pwo).

I was eating every 2 hrs and people certainly gave me the weird looks. Then they said "I wish I could do that"

Things to bring:
Flax seed meal (in pill bottles works great), meat topped salads (no one thinks that's weird), nuts (everyone likes those).

People may think that you're dieting when they see chicken and broccoli...but then think just the opposite when they see you eating 3-4x a day at work alone.


well i'm looking for atleast 40-50g of protein per meal, if not more

coworkers i don't mind so much but when im at school eating with everyone else its embarrassing to just pull out some tupperware with chicken in it you know? it was weird enough having chicken wraps/sandwhiches everyday but that was fine. without bread its a problem

salad in tupperware is just as bad. I may try that protein bar idea. even though it would get to be a pain in the ass after awhile it wouldn't be that weird. thats probably my best bet at this point, the other thing is i am already using protein powder for the shake so now im gonna be going through a ton of it.

i guess its really different at work but any guy bringing in a salad with chicken slices in it to lunch everyday is going to look weird or like a pussy haha. i guess i'll see though

right now im liking the protein bar idea. any idea's on how to make them without oatmeal/flour and stay together well?
i'm thinking maybe eggs, nuts, and protein powder blended together and then cooked. hell i wouldnt even mind blending some type of meat in there for more protein lol, as long as it doesn't smell like crap


What is weird about eating a salad! For christ sake... right now I am eating 5 oz of pork, 2 celery stalks, 1 oz of walnuts cut up/mixed in tupperware and 4 fish oil caps. Your not a pussy for eating a salad! But you are a pussy for worrying about what other people think so much.


Over the last few years of working all my meals are able to be eaten hot or cold. Meat + veggies, beans, pasta.

Cold pasta salads with pork tenderloin are the shit, I can't stress that enough. Lots of garlic and olive oil make for a smelly and tasty meal.

Another thing, yogurt + vanilla protein powder tastes amazing. Combine that with oats and berries and you got a semi calorie heavy meal depending on how many scoops of oats. OR have a calorie light meal and add no oats at all.

There is a solution for everything!


actually all girls would probably be easier.

anyway i think i'll stick with the protein bar idea for now though thanks


It's impossible for me to say no to cake.

I had done 2 months of dieting without any cheat meals. Then I go to my gf's cousin's baptism bbq. I ate three slices in no time flat.

I felt like a gross fatass... and I loved every minute of it.