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What to Eat At PL Meet?

Hey all, since a Powerlifting meet is an all-day affair, what kind of foods do you recommend to eat? What will keep your energy levels high but not leave you feeling bloated and/or puke during a max lift? Are energy drinks good or bad? I’m doing my first meet (a push/pull) soon so any help is appreciated. Thanx.

Main thing DONT change anythign dont do anything you havent tried prior. You dont want to get ill or have a reaction the day of the meet. eat a damn good solid breakfast and snack all day. carbs for me are good. I like Spike shooter and also eat sunseeds all the day at an event (strongman for me) some fruit anything that wont upset you and yo know keeps your energy prime


yeah , what Phill said .

some say bananas , but they sit kinda funny for me . try to keep solids on the dry side…pancakes for breakfast as opposed to a bowl of Rice Krispis ( or 3). if coffee makes ya wanna shit , get that over with WAY before you get gear on(if applicable) .

dont think theres anything wrong with energy-drinks , besides the piss-factor

I’d look over at Elitefts through some of Justin Harris’ posts. I feel like I read his thoughts on what would be optimal so it’s worth a find.