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What to Eat Around Training?

Miss Parker,
Thanks for the reply. I was curious if it was worth the cost. I dont want to hi-jack his thred, so,to get back on topic. All natural Greek yogurt is a good quick snack, has about 10-12 grams of protein and very digestible, especially if you are training for longer than two hours.

Cool, thanks Idaho.

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The muscle wasting effects of a 2 hour workout are probably over stated.

I think muscle wasting in general, is vastly over stated.

Certainly I think it’s highly unlikely it happens at ALL in well fed individuals. Maybe if you were a IFBB pro who actually needs to stay on gear just to maintain that level of development heh.

even if you lose some muscle,its quite easy to rebuild it via muscle memory mechanism.[/quote]

i have to agree with skelcac losing muscle has become the least of my concern (partially because i never lose strength which i think is from years of training in high percentages while living by myself in high school hardly eating) because muscle lost is sooooo easily regained i have been able to abuse my body for a month at a time and found in 2-3 weeks i can be right back where i was or ahead. once your body has built the muscle it will regain it as soon as you give it the chance, this was what lead to dr dardens HIT being able to boast such remarkable claims with casey viators magic regain of 18 lbs of muscle in 2 weeks (obviously im not dismissing other factors certainly at play here ) i feel, like it has already been said in this thread, no body just trains any more every one is worried about over analyzing and over thinking every aspect of training. to afraid of losing muscle to lift a weight. when the simple fact is most of us arnt at that level. times like these i love herschal walker ahaha

im losing tons of muscle right now my body looks thinner than it has in a couple years but my strength levels are steady and my thighs still look like purple tigers from stretch marks and what ever i lose is simply vanity muscle that i can throw back on in a single cycle of CT’s super hero program