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What to Drink?


OK, since taking exercise & nutrition more seriously I've eliminated almost of of the soda pop from my diet. I drink more water than I used to and I'm down to one or two cans of Coke a week.

But drinking water all the time is getting old. But what are the alternatives?

1) Fruit Juice: too much sugar & carbs, without the fiber you get eating the fruit.

2) Coffee: Every morning and sometimes the afternoon, but not good in the evenings because it interfers with sleep. I don't like drinking too much in a small amount of time becasue it make me jittery.

3) Beer, wine, and other alcohol: Only appropriate for certain times, and definately not health drinks.

4) Crystal Light: I get tired of the artificial tatse after awhile.

5) Surge: Probably not appropriate other than post-workout.

6) Spike: I haven't tried it, but the label says not to drink more than one per day. You probably don't want one within four hours of bed time.

What are you all drinking?


Aside from water, my top two drinks are probably:

  • Flavored seltzer, if I'm in the mood for something fizzy.

  • 4C's Totally Light Green Tea. The individual packets are uber-convenient. I toss 2 or 3 in a big bottle of water and I'm good to go.
    (scroll down to see the green tea)


Green tea (iced), water, coffee, beer, spirits, metromint water (no sweeteners and comes in orange and lemon)...


I put 5 bags of organic green tea in with a regular scoop of coffee to make a pot. As soon as it's done I pour it into a pot over ice and then into a plastic jug in the fridge unsweetened at all. It's pretty weak so we sip on that all the time. Except for some milk in my workout time shakes that and water are all we ever drink.

That didn't help you very much, but there isn't much worth drinking out there.


add lime or lemon to water... that helps change up the taste as well...


I recommend buying some all-casein protein. Mix the casein (2.5 scoops) with about 8 ice cubes, some skim milk (or water), and thats all you need. add some splenda if u want.

i know whey is king, BUT..... when u mix the stuff i just mentioned in a blender on low speeds, it tastes EXACTLY like a REAL milkshake!!! fucking awesome, and really healthy!!!


Milk. Great source of protein.



Water is delicious. Soda pop is crap.


If you're serious about your health at all you'll cut out all soda from this point forward. If you have to have some, drink diet. It's not exactly "healthy" but it won't kill you.

Besides Milk and Protein Shakes you should not be drinking calories.


I agree. Even fruit juice is a tidal wave of sugary calories. Regular pop is just a HFCS cocktail that the best research couldn't top for damaging insulin sensitivity even in non diabetics.


Just out of curiosity, since when is whey king?


Drink San Pelligrino with ice and lemon. God damn.


DEFINITELY GREEN TEA... with some honey.

It's the shit.


I drink for hydration, taste is something I get from food. It takes a while but after you get acclimatized to this way of thinking, the problem becomes moot.

Water is the way to go.


Try Fruit 2o...its flavored water but I personally think it tastes pretty damn good especially after only drinking water. I havnt had a full soda in lke 2 years, ive had sips here and there and like 1/4 a can a couple times for my sugary after workout carbs.

But yea, definately give Fruit 2o a try, its guiltess, no carbs, nothing and liek i said it tastes pretty damn good. Oh, and diet green tea, good shit.


If diet pop contains no calories how is it bad for you??


I have this little voice down inside that keeps telling me that so few artificially created substances are a good idea to consume that sweeteners are most likely no different. I'm not going to deliver a sermon and they may not be THAT bad, but none for me thanks.

I have found that life becomes instantly simpler and healthier if instead of asking if something is going to hurt us, I instead ask if it's going to help. If not, no thanks. Taste isn't the standard, usefulness is. 95% of everything in the store is instantly eliminated and without the need for everything to tickle my taste buds for 2 minutes, planning and cooking is also simpler and cheaper.

Just think of how people ate 100 years ago. Things we write off today as horrible compromises were culinary delights before the dawn of ultra processed, taste driven "foods" I don't even mind what I eat if I keep that mindset.


I drink water all day sometimes lemon aid
accelorade iced tea vitargo and sometimes power sobes.
I just stay away from soda, juice, milk, and any kind of alchol.


I drink two gallons of water a day, never any soda. Depending on my goals I will drink a good amount of RAW whole milk.

Just drink water man, sometimes I'll make a big thing of unsweetned green tea but for the most part I pack a cooler everyday with lots of VERY cold water bottles in it. Keep the water real cold. You will get used to it, I used to never drink water but it is all I drink now, I eat so damn much anyways I don't get bored and fell I need a taste from drinks.


whats the general consensus on coke zero?