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What to Drink During Workout?



I'm fairly new to lifting weights, but I'm trying hard to get the nutrition part right. When I went to the gym today I started talking to one of the owners and he said that if I was serious about working out I shouldn't be drinking water while in the gym, but rather a Gatorade or some form of protein shake.

I usually have this after the workout. Are you really supposed to drink some form of energy drink while lifting weights?? Sorry if this is a basic questions guys, but my googling was inconclusive.

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there's lots of Intra-workout supplements you can drink, My favorite is just simple BCAA's and complex Carbs. But things like Synthesize and that kind of stuff is meant for during.


Go to the thread "3rd Law of Muscle" in this forum. Otherwise you can mix protein with simple carbs for a workout drink. In my limited experience I see new and enthusiastic lifters often get caught up in the details and lose focus on the fundamentals.


No but seriously, drink water while you're lifting. There's nothing wrong with that. If you need a little caffeine before your workout, that helps some people. Gatorade is fine for a during-workout drink. You're not 'supposed' to drink anything during your workout. Do whatever works best for you bro. Gym owners don't know everything.


CT says otherwise.


How so ?


i tried having a protein shake during a workout

never again

its all about the good ole H2o

or coffee...


Cool, it seems like I'll stick to the water. I just wanted to know if I was the last person drinking water and everyone else switched to something else in '03 :wink:



Water has worked for centuries, Shugart said it best "Don't ask about electrolyte replacement until you drink some water." One more time "Don't ask about electrolyte replacement until you drink some water."


honestly i don't understand how someone who's pushing themselves as hard as they possibly can during a workour can drink anything but water during a workout.

maybe that's just me, i do have a pretty weak stomach...


I just drink tons of water and good old caffienated coffee before i get there. I use to drink other stuff that the gym sells during lifting but i noticed when i didnt have it my workout suffered (placebo type effect in my opinion). As everyone else said you are a beginner so you need to focus on moving the weight and progressing the lift. The nutrition you should focus on is during the entire day, not during your workout.


I'm fucking poor, so I have a banana and some chocolate milk shortly before I hit the gym and just use water while I'm in there.
CT's para workout nutrition protocols are fine and dandy but a beginner certainly shouldn't be caught up in them.


I think it's just you.

I can (and have) drank milk while doing high rep and heavy single squats. Doesn't phase me at all.


I actually found an interesting article by John Berardi about workout nutrition. From what I gather from the article it seems like a good idea to get some carbs and protein in your drink during workout. www.johnberardi.com/articles/nutrition/advanced_workout_nutrition.htm

Let me know what you guys think. I agree what someone above said about me being a beginner and not needing to focus on the minutia of nutrition. I just find it more interesting to read about nutrition than about workouts.



I generally stick with water because i start feeling funny drinking much else and i dont think that the extra cals from gatorade are necessary or really all that helpful. Surge on the other hand is probably never a bad choice... cant go wrong!


I think what you drink in your workout definitely affects your training.

For the past 2 months i've been using the following:

24g peptopro
70g vitargo
1/4tsp electroylte powder
1/2tsp beta alanine
1tsp citrulline malate

Works very well, makes a big difference. If I don't have It I'm usually dragging ass in the last 20 minutes of my workout, but with this I could keep going for another hour if I wanted.


Look up XTEND by SCIVATION its a flavored BCAA powder that mixes easily in water, you get the best of both worlds...


Gatorade is garbage, the owner is a tool......


Natty light is the only thing you should be drinking during your workouts.


Curious question. Why so much Hydrolyzed Caseinate? I've always read that 10-15 was enough?

Have you tried the lower dosage, or did you go straight to the 24grams?