What To Do?

When I started lifting in high school, I was 6 1 150 pounds. over the past 2 years i have bumped up to 190. But after being out of the gym for a couple of months due to excessive studying i am now 18 percent bodyfat. my goal has always been to get bigger and i want to stay on that road.

i dont want try to cut now because i dont think i have enough lean body mass to cut without looking like a calvin klein skinny model. But i dont know if thats what i should do because i feel the bf is too high. Any Advice.

If I could do anything to bodybuilding it would be to take the words cut and bulk out of the vocabulary.

What I would do if I was you is work on both at the same time and that will come down to your diet 90%. Train hard and progressively heavier in the gym which should be a no brainer but many people miss the boat on this.

I would eat a high protein diet, 2xbodyweight in protein(and yes this is a lot there is a reason). Protein is used for tissue repair and also creates a thermic effect(burn more calories) digesting it, more than carbs or fat, much much more. Eat vegetables at every meal and add a healthy fat source like fish oil olive oil nuts of your choice. Have carbs with your breakfast and after training only.

When you wake up every day drink two cups of green tea and take some BCAA or small amount of protein(10-20g) and take a stroll around your neighborhood or a treadmill if you’ve got one. This will get your metabolism racing.

After a certain amount of time(say 8-10 weeks) you should be noticeably leaner and bigger as well if you are pushing it in the gym. When you are at a bodyfat you are more comfortable with then put the cardio on the backburner and keep it on off training days 2-3 times a week and work on building size while staying relatively lean.

Sound reasonable?