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What To Do?

the sports season is starting and right now its mainly conditioning (long wall-sits and too many suicides)

i want to keep training legs but im not sure what to do since when i do train legs i lag behind in suicides because of DOMS which equals many more suicides for me as well as my team. which they dont like.

anything to do about this? or just wait till season is over?

Look into DeFranco’s “Skinny Bastards” program. It is a modified Westside approach that only utilizes one leg day to account for the extra running and conditioning that most athletes must endure.

I’m not sure what sport you play but I know that for me, during football season, if I keep the reps low (under 4) and the intensity high, I can train, make gains, and not have soreness.
I keep the exercises simple, usually Front Squats, Deads, Cleans, various other pulls for the lower half…
and Push Press, Incline, and some kind of rowing for upper body. Addition arm work is done only if I have the energy.

Check defranco’s website as well. Depending on your sport, he has posted a lot of samples of in-season programs.