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What to do?

Finally some intelligent hardcore people to disscus matters with! If any one can help, feel free. I weigh 190lbs. and have been on a personally designed program with no steroid use of any kind for 5 weeks. Consisting of 3 alternating days of legs and 4 days of upper body. My goal is for complete mass build up in a short period of time (2 months). To get to the point, I have received four 10cc bottles of 200mg per cc Testosterone, but the trick is that’s all that the box says, the rest is in spanish. It doesn’t say what “kind” it is. I was told to take 1 cc per week. Is this what I am looking for, or can anyone tell me more about this stuff?

Take more than 1cc a week. Shoot for between 500-1000mg per week. However, if you have only been working out for 5 weeks, stay off the juice for a while. Learn to grow without it. Get some discipline.

Peolpe like you give steroid users bad names. You don’t even know what you have and your ready to inject that stuff in your ass. 1cc is only 200mg’s per week. How long of a cycle were you planning on taking?

Dude, don’t pay any attention to Joel. If you have a question, it’s best to ask the board as you did. As soon as people start ripping each other over supposed dumb questions, it’s time for the “ripper” to bang his own head against a 45lb plate. Anyway, my philosophy is, if you haven’t been training extremely hard for more than 3 years, and have come somewhat close to your potential, you have no business using steroids.

I appreciate the positive return info. I haven’t used any juice yet, that was the whole point in posting the questions. It didn’t cost me anything so I can always disguard it with nothing lost out of pocket. Any suggestions on anything on the market that would help me acheive my goals would be appreciated, or am I asking to get to much gain in to little time?