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What to Do??



I just recently graduated with a degree in engineering. At the moment the economy in Ireland is an absolute disaster with little hope of getting better. It's very difficult for a graduate to get a job at the moment as I've applied for hundreds of positions but to no avail.
So I have to leave the place and find employment elsewhere.

My question is, where am I most likely to get a job? What countries are doing well at the moment? I do have a general idea, but there's nothing like hearing it directly from people who are actually living in the country.
I would be looking at entry level positions that require minimum experience.


Houston, TX. Oil industry.


What type of engineering?


Mechanical engineering


I have had my eye on the Texas oil industry. What companies are best at the moment?
I have applied to some jobs over there but heard nothing back. Would I have to be living in Texas first before I get any replies?
Thanks for your help


Mechanical Engineering has quite a bit of cross over across industries from automotive, aviation, construction etc as well O&G just mentioned.

O&G wise think about the entire supply chain of O&G from upstream exploration (which won't be in Houston) to mid and downstream (which will be in Houston as well as closer to home in Aberdeen). Companies that hire include the O&G majors, engineering companies that work for these companies, suppliers of equipment and parts. There is a massive supply chain at work here.

I did Chem Eng, grad in 1998 and have a wide history in this sector.

What's your specialisation in Mech Eng? What did you like to do there? Do you want to get more technical or move into sales? We need more information on your aptitude. I agree Ireland is not the best place to look but you need to focus on a sector then think about working circumstances.


Pretty much all of them, big and small. Without knowing someone you will probably have to be here first. They won't want to sponsor you otherwise. Good news is Texas is booming and placeholder jobs exist while you network and get your resume out. Mechanical engineering opens doors to both upstream and midstream sectors too. Lots of opportunity. Plus other industrial settings as well.


Thank you for the reply.
My specialisation would be in CAD (ProEngineer) & finite element analysis (Abaqus). Overall I really enjoyed working with ProEngineer and know the program inside out at this stage. Ideally I would like a job that involves the use of CAD, however I am far from being picky at this stage and will take what I can get. I would be hoping to get more technical and avoid sales, but if I got a job in the morning involving sales I would gladly take it.

My overall question I guess is, should I be living in a country before I apply for jobs in that country? I have sent off resumes to employers all over the world but never hear anything back from them. It seems I only get responses in Ireland.

My fear would be moving to a country and not being able to get a job and then having to come home several grand less off. However I have been unemployed for months now and will have no choice but to get on a plane soon.


Thats the reply I was looking for, thanks. Thats great to hear that Texas is doing well. Are inexperienced graduates getting employed much?
So how does this sound (Very simplified I know!):
Apply for US visa and go to Texas.
Find cheap accomodation.
Send resume to as many recruitment agencies and companies as possible.
Find small job on the side to pay my living.
The problem is, would I be competing against Mexicans for the low pay jobs?


Ftr, lots of upstream labor is dispatched from Houston. Not arguing, just don't want to misguide the feller.


Replying on phone, apologize for paragraph response. Sounds good, bring a few thousand $ to get settled. Rental deposits, first months rent utility hook ups, shit like that. A good friend found a temp. acct. job through an agency at schlumberger and he's now a regional controller. For engineering its best to know some one. Agencies help but the labor side of the industry is very much a good ol' boy network. You're better off hanging out and making friends imo. But do get your resume out in as many channels as you can. If you really do come here let me know. I can put you in touch with people who can get you on a rig at a few large companies, small too so long as you're a decent dude. Take it to pm though, I have haters who will start screaming "lying attention whore bloody murder" otherwise and your thread will go to shit.




Looks like you'll just have to decide what state you want to live in.

I'll wave the finder's fee :wink:

Good luck!


Having tried CAD in second year uni I can tell you it's not easy to do or be good at it, so if you have an aptitude that's an advantage.

You have the right attitude, I agree with taking what's available but don't sell yourself short, keep applying, improve your cover letters, resume, and interview technique. One avenue not open to me that is open to you at this stage is the use of the web and online networking through linkedin. I'd make it a point to attend events in the sector you want a job in and meet more people. I know it sounds daunting now, but it will get better with the more people you meet. This will build confidence and I think you need some to keep you forging ahead. Linkedin is populated with HR executives and HR Managers. I know you want to get to the Technical Director and put yourself in front of them but you need any avenue you can get.

Remember mechanical is really at the backbone of anything that is manufacture, that moves, pretty much anything people take for granted. Automotive, Aviation, Energy, Electronics, Building and Construction all value a solid mechanical engineer.

When I landed my job in Singapore back in 2001 I already had working experience in Australia. My first job in Australia came after a "lucky" break and landed a role in applications for an instrument company. My job in Singapore took some 50 applications in two weeks, I moved here, stayed, applied for jobs and cold called maybe over 120 companies, basically saying I'm engineering qualified, i'm eager to work, i'm here for two weeks and can you meet me?

Have your application on job websites from that country.

Is there a society or group dedicated to CAD engineers? maybe they have a link to job portals.

I don't see an issue to start applying for Houston jobs then plan a trip. But I don't know the employment status timeline for a non-US citizen seeking to work in the USA.

Has anyone seriously looked at your CV?


Thats sounds very promising, things aren't too bad in the south it seems.
I will be sure to send you a PM if I find myself in Texas. Thanks for the offer my friend.


Great stuff! I will apply for a few of them. Much appreciated.


no promises but we can meet for a beer and see.


Remember that a very large amount of people are currently in university all over the world studying engineering. Lot of them plain fucking suck as people and are not serious at all. That is all I have to say and it is not even related.


Some great advice here, much appreciated.

"My job in Singapore took some 50 applications in two weeks, I moved here, stayed, applied for jobs and cold called maybe over 120 companies, basically saying I'm engineering qualified, i'm eager to work, i'm here for two weeks and can you meet me?" <-This is very inspiring and is basically exactly what I feel I need to do at this stage. It's good to see someone has actually had sucess doing this.
"i'm here for two weeks and can you meet me?" Were these actual interviews or meetings that set you up for interviews?

Not sure about societies dedicated to CAD engineers, but then again I haven't really been looking for them. CAD is something that I truely enjoy so it could be worth my while.

I have had a few people look at my CV and it seems ok. I think where I was going wrong was during phone interviews. I messed up quite a few of them because I answered them truthfully instead of going online and looking for the answers that they want to hear (such as being a good drone and working with the company for your entire life!). Ah well, live and learn.
Thanks again for the help.


^ still drunk.


Fort McMurray Alberta, seriously.

Also Edmonton Alberta.

Yeah those are both in Canada.