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What to Do With Tuna?

I usualy eat my tuna raw with nothing on it, or on a sandwhich with nothing on it, but does anyone have anyways they cook it or season it that spices it up a little?

I’m not much help since I like mine plain.

But I have a friend who likes to mix in some mustard with theirs. I tried it once; it’s not half-bad either.

Go figure.

I treat canned tuna like McD’s - only eat it when nothing else is available. Most of the tuna I eat falls into 2 of 3 categories: raw or rare and fresh. Canned tuna is like a well done steak, you get your quality protein, but you lose all that great flavor and texture.

With that said, if you’re really hankering to use the canned stuff, try some garlic infused olive oil, salt, pepper, chili powder, fresh lemon juice and toss together. Serve it over your favorite leafy greens and you’ve got a pretty nutritious salad.

Posted this one a while back. Enjoy.


All I do is add some chopped pickels.

Try Sambal Ulek.

One piece of cheese melted on top works great for me. Plus I use those seasoned packages where the water is already strained from the tuna.

deep fry it…

Mix it in with some brown rice. That dilutes the tast a little. My brother likes to mix it with cottage cheese. I think he’s insane but you might like it…

I like it with southwestern salsa.

I feed that nasty shit to my cat.

I’ll buy a bag of salad mix, whatever kind I feel like that day, throw in some grape tomatoes, the tuna, some light salad dressing and toss. It’s pretty filling from the salad and takes about 19 seconds to prepare.

50/50 blend of tuna and cottage cheese with a milled flax kicker up top.


Squeeze a lemon over it.

Ok, not really a recipe.

i usually eat mine plain, but i tried the tuna that comes in packets that are pre drained and has different flavors; those are a bit more expensive but a hell of a lot better. i personally like the lemon-flavored one.

Cover with Louisiana Hot Sauce, mix it in the can, chow down.
It’s great if you like hot stuff.

I take some plain, non fat yogurt and add the seasonings to it then mix it together.

One of my favorites is to add lemon pepper, dried Italian seasonings (oregano, thyme, sage, basil, etc.) cracked pepper and either cajun chili powder or paprika. Then, finish with a little horseradish.

Sometimes, I’ll add chopped pickles or olives to the mix before adding the tuna.

I put this on some wheat bread with mustard and a bed of either spinach or pre-packaged salad and a few slices of tomato. When I get the urge, I even add sliced green, red or yellow pepper. Jalapeno when I want something spicy.

Jesus some real master chefs here, i didnt even know you could do half that crap with tuna.

scrambled eggs with tuna and pineapple.

Kinda like Hawaiian style pizza. My main problem with tuna is it’s too dry, the pineapple and the eggs take care of that and give it some zest.

Not the healthiest option, but it’s good:

one can tuna, drained
1/3 cup of seasoned bread crumbs
one extra large egg

mix it all up in a bowl, you should get a clay like consistency, it’ll still be sticky. Form two balls and flatten into patties. Slap em down in a preheated frying pan with olive oil. Makes a decent tuna burger, I like to add a little extra red fish seasoning.