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What To Do With Old Tires?


Hey Guys,

Figure the readers of this sub forum can help with some creativity on how to implement tires into conditioning medleys.

I’ve got 8 old tires my roommate left here when he moved out, they aren’t big enough for flipping work (car and regular pickup tires), but I think there’s probably some value I haven’t thought of in them.

I can certainly rig something up to drag them, I can toss them, hit them with a hammer. Any other ideas or cool things you’ve seen out there?


Obviously tires are useful for dropping stuff onto after lifting it up (logs, stones, dumbbells). You mention dragging. There are some good designs for actually making sleds out of old tires.


Fill em with concrete and use them for carrying.


Or if they were large


We live in a nice neighborhood but behind our subdivision is a very “rural” area. For some ridiculous reason, they burn trash including tires. Sometimes if the wind is strong enough, you can smell it. Makes me so :rage:



By the time you get the last one cut up to look like that, you will have had a workout!


Solid ideas, thanks everyone! I live in a pretty tight knit neighborhood, definitely won’t be burning any tires here haha.