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What to Do with My Life


I could totally do it! Seriously, i’m Weirdly good at pronouncing foreign words

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Lol here’s a true story. A decade ago I was engaged to do a small project with a Scottish firm. They assigned this really, really old guy to give my guys instructions. They called me up and said they couldn’t communicate with him. These were mostly Chinese educated guys who don’t speak much English and they aren’t used to Western English accents so it’s happened before when I worked with Brits and Australians.

So I went down on site to speak to him personally. I couldn’t understand a SINGLE word he was saying lol. I mean, seriously, not one word. And I can watch Trainspotting without subtitles. I had to awkwardly call his manager and try to explain the situation without being offensive. The dude just laughed and said they don’t understand half of what he’s saying either but the guy who was supposed to manage the project on their side was on sick leave.


I had an old Japanese man, as an independent consultant and a Scottish mechanical engineer. Those fuckers could not communicate. Imagine a table of 14-20 people and I’m in the middle translating DDC control information from fucking Japanese-accent-English to a Scottish lad and back.

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Lol I know exactly what you’re saying. I have a long running side investment dealing with mostly Japanese clients and most of the employees are Japanese. I gave up trying to communicate with the clients in English and went to pick up basic Japanese.

Lest this be construed as racist, this is how Chinese people(the ones in China. Like Japanese, they study all subjects in school in their native languages) pronounce English words, which is similar to how Japanese do it.

When you have a name, say Michael Jackson, the syllables are broken up and a close sounding word in the native language is assigned to each one.

So Michael Jackson becomes:

mai ke le jie ke shen

Because Michael ends up an “l” and Jack ends with a “k”, the words “le” and “ke” are added respectively.

So it’s pretty hard to understand if you don’t know the native language.

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Similar to how Coca Cola becomes 可口可乐。(ke kou ke le) and McDonald’s is 麦当劳. (Mai dang lao).

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Haha, yeah, there are parts of Scotland where even other Scottish people can’t understand the accent.

For such a small country we’ve a huge variation in accent and dialect.


If you say “space ghetto” in a heavy Scottish accent it sounds like “spice girl”.

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Ehhhh gonna have to disagree with you on that one, mate…


Get a heavier accent.


That might be why my pap was a man of so few words. He just gave up!


I got a full ride to Lewis University!!


Has anyone on here heard of quantum computing?


I’ve heard of it in the sense that I’ve seen the words used to describe something.

Last thing I read about it was that quantum computing was used to prove the possibility of an electron traveling backwards in time.

Really just big shiny words to me. I have no idea what that stuff actually entails.

And another thing was that they used one to measure movement at faster than the speed of light.

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Despite getting that full tuition to Lewis University, I will be attending University of Illinois at Chicago in the fall.

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