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What to Do with My Life


thanks, mate!


Yeah…Americans clearly make the best decisions…cough cough our president is a reality tv star cough


Take that negative shit to PWI where it belongs…


No more tears. Take a joke and move on with your day.


Or you can go fuck yourself…either way


Dude, how can the group of people who coined the term “snowflake” be the biggest bunch of snowflakes ever? As a disclaimer, I absolutely cannot stand Hillary and would have made a joke no matter who our president was after that disgraceful election. It’s a JOKE, and was a good natured one. Gosh, you’re a sweet little thing.


I didn’t realize this about you. Me too! Except it took me time to take college seriously - when my mother died and the pressure to finish eased I stopped dropping in and out and just stayed out. Then of course went back and moved easily through my bachelor’s and master’s. Now I get excited to think that when I retire I’ll be able to audit classes.