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What to Do with My Life


I thought I was going to go to get a masters in economics and go to law school. Instead, I received my bachelors, got married and started a construction management company. Whodathunk? Financially, I would probably be making more as a lawyer right now, but I’m doing quite well for 28 and my only debt being a house.

EDIT: I’m not jacked or tan. I’m carrying too much fat, still, and have a horrible farmer’s burn. I’m hoping the burn will tan.


Didn’t take it that way at all, just read my original comment and thought “huh, maybe I sound like a bit of a douche”. Then once you clarified your own situation, I had to follow suit.


I absolutely SUCK at this aspect of being an adult, which is why I will never be wealthy.


Nice! That made my day. I guess all I can tack on is if you’re looking for something versatile to keep your options open, something like this will likely share a very large amount of coursework with similar technical degrees if you decide to shift direction part of the way through school.

Also, if you’re in AP calc, and things are the same way they were 10k years ago, try to take the B-C test rather than A-B. You may be able to test out of what’s traditionally Calc 2 (the one with all the sequences/series) that’s total useless bullshit, and just start college in Calc 3.


Man, it’s a lot easier to type that than it is to actually do it, but the more sure-fire way to be “Middle-Class Wealthy” isn’t that much different than how you earn a decent level of strength or physique.

Discipline and consistency over the long term.


Serious question: how the fuck did you guys break out of that?

This is exactly the position I’m in.


Fuck Middle-Class Wealthy. I want Upper-Class Wealthy. Also, ‘Middle Class Fancy’ is a hillarious instagram account.

What does it take to get sexy abs? Do that, just financially.


If I could inject myself with drugs that made me wealthy you can bet your ass I’d be doing it.


So invest in the stock market…


For sure, that’s the goal. I was trying to be as realistic as possible.


I don’t have even the most basic understanding of how to do that.


Sure, but it’s like steroids. You just take them and you get jacked :smirk:

But seriously, I wouldn’t do that…


Fixed. Cause steroids are equivalent to bitcoin for risk.


So what you guys are saying is that I need to invest heavily in steroids?

That sounds good to me! I can’t wait to be rich!


mehhhh, I donno about that.


I still find myself doing it from time to time. I wish I had a better answer, but a lot of it I owe to my wife and children - I think I was very selfish beforehand and it took me having something in my life that was more important than myself to break out of it.
I’m not saying to go get hitched and have children, I’m just saying - are you the center of your own universe? Because if so, that can make it hard for you to make long term correct decisions for yourself, since everything is about the here, the now, the you as you are at this very moment.
I’m still a total jackass sometimes though.


If I knew the answer, I’d tell you.


There’s already been some great advice here.

@ There is a difference between making a lot of money and accumulating wealth or having a higher net worth. Some people always spend MORE than they make. If they get a raise, they immediately adjust their standard of living upward. This is NOT how to accumulate wealth, it is a recipe for staying poor but with a better cable package and more junk in your house. Plenty of people driving nice cars and taking nice vacations have no real money. They may appear wealthy to you, but they have no real assets, and maybe no emergency savings. Do not be that person, and just as important, do not marry that person.


I think it’s clear I need to move to America, invest heavily in steroids, get married, have kids and become an ophthalmologist.

That actually sounds pretty sweet. Thanks, guys!


We’d be honored to have you buddy