What to Do With My Lab Results?

Hey guys, I just got my lab results back. Endo was more worried about my insulin resistance than anything and said “well, you wanna wait and see about the testosterone?” I left a message saying no and I never heard back. First number is what I got, second and third are ranges.

fsh: 2.7 1.3 - 11.4
lh: 6.1 1.2 - 11.6
t: 331 300 - 1080
free t: 6.7 4.8 - 25.7
prolactin: 5.1 3.0 - 30.0
vit D 25 20 - 100
hematocrit: 48 37 - 49

I’m 33 btw, and been dealing with low t for a while through my urologist who had me doing a shot of 150mg every three weeks, then about every six months would take me off for a couple months because my hematocrit got too high (hence the reason why I included it). Talk about feeling like garbage those two months.

This endo, before not returning my call, suggested a shot at 100mg every week or clomid. I have an appointment Monday with an “aesthetics” doc who does hrt. What more info do y’all need and what do I need to request?

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I assume that if insulin resistance was on the table, that you have a weight and waist problem. Low T contributes and low thyroid function is also a significant issue. Many here have some thyroid function issues, often from iodine deficiency.

100mg T cyp/eth per week, as 50mg twice per week
1.0mg anastrozole per week, 1/2mg at time of injections
250iu hCG SC EOD

Self inject with #29 1/2" 50iu insulin needles. See stickies for more info, lab goals etc. Understand “anastrozole oer-responder” issues.

Your LH and FSH levels suggest that your testes are not performing well. Have you had them examined screening for cancer and vascular abnormalities?

Labs were done after injecting T? How long since then?