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What to Do with Low Back/Glute Injury?

Looking for a strategy for new onset low back pain radiating occasionally into right glute

Im a46year old intermediate lifter. Squat is just shy of 400 deadlift about the same. 2 years ago i had a l5 herniation which required an epidural steriod injection and 4 months of regaining strength in my right leg. Went from squatting 360 to the bar almost overnight. Now ive built back up and have been doing a 5/3/1 plan for about a year making steady improvements.

Last thursday i have some back pain on the right that felt like i slept wrong. Nothing big. Obvious spinoerector involvement but on fei i started having sharp pains into my glute but not into my thigh or lower leg. No obvious loss of strength

Was going to lay off compound lower extremity stuff for a week and see. But was wondering what others do for low back pains like this. Ive onky had the two episodes in my life and am a little gunshy since my firat episode was a pretty big deal for me

I am completely herniated at L4/L5 and L5/S1 and it hurts worse when I don’t work it. I would suggest plenty of ab wheel, some side planks, and a flexibility exercise like split squats. Stay away from side bends and one arm farmers walk. For 5/3/1 if you want to limit the risk, don’t do the amap, just do the 5/3/1 reps. I am currently doing CT’s Built for Battle but I had a lot of luck with 5/3/1 without amap.

If you know that some specific area is tight and causing your problems you can try to loosen it up.

Like rolling around on a lacrosse ball to bust up tightness in that area that’s somewhere between your glutes and lower back.

Or a foam roller for stuff under that.

Had the same problem mate; it sucks.
Herniated L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1
Did some high level wrestling back in the days, it took its tool.
Now I am still lifting, with the occasional pain.
Listen to your body: when you start feeling pain for a couple days in a row, back off. Better to lose a week of training than two months.
Include lots of pull ups in your routine. Having a strong upper back is gonna do miracles for your lower back.
Plenty of abs / core work; if you can take some pilates classes, do it.
Swim: swimming is great for your back. Not only it helps you with stretching, but it also deload your back.
Stretching: a lot. Everyday. Especially for hamstrings / low back. Wall hamstring stretches… That kind of stuff.
Soft tissue massage: if you have the chance.
Sauna and steam bath: they are going to relax your muscles and help your recovery. Heat is also going to help with the pain.
Invest in one of those tens machines for self therapy.
These are my 2 cents based on some painful months of rehab!