What to Do with Life

So, I’m about to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Finance in August. I really don’t like my degree. I picked it because I didn’t have time for the labs I was taking doing a biology degree after my daughter was born. I figured it would be easy to get a finance degree and a good one too.

Now, my ex and I are divorced. I have gotten so close to this degree that I figured it would be stupid not to finish it. I have been giving a lot of thought into jumping right back into school and doing a post-bachelor’s degree in a science I am passionate about.

On one hand, I know I have the skills and passion to do a new degree. I have a hard time getting past the idea of not going into a field I really love. On the other hand, I have a lot of student loans racked up right now. It wouldn’t be hard to get a job making $40,000 before taxes right out of college. I would work, pay on my loans, and get my life started.

I don’t get to see my daughter much. When I try to see her, my ex makes up plans for her so I can’t. That is a whole other issue, but I would have time to do another degree. I’m turning 26 in May and seem to have a hard time taking control of my life and making decisions for myself. Is that just my age, generation, etc.?

What should I be considering right now in my life?

How did people make life decisions before the internet?

[quote]malonetd wrote:
How did people make life decisions before the internet?[/quote]

Magic 8-ball.

[quote]malonetd wrote:
How did people make life decisions before the internet?

Magic 8-ball.[/quote]

Can you buy them on the internet?

[quote]malonetd wrote:
How did people make life decisions before the internet?[/quote]

They asked strangers on the street.

Seriously, I dont know man. I can only say to finish school.

CBP is hiring Border Patrol Agents if your interested. Expect 60-70k at the GS-7 or GS-9 level, I forget. Ill be most likely joining CBP after I graduate, If I dont find a better career choice.

Im not a recruiter but have you thought about the military? I’ve been in a similar situation only mine began after I got out of the service. Finish school, do something you love (although you may have to begin with something you can deal with for the time being) and be there for your kid. No matter what you decide in life you have a responsibility to your child! No matter how much of a pain in the ass the X can be do whatever it takes to provide for your daughter!

Thanks for the replies. I have given a lot of thought into joining the military. Since I want to go into the sciences, the military might be a good option. They have great resources and probably have operations people don’t even know about. I’m a little hesitant to join though because I have never really been interested in the military.

Dear Lord, don’t join the military!

From your post, it sounds like you want to work in the sciences, and see your daughter more.

People doing sciences for the military aren’t generally in the military.

Joining the military means you could/will end up anywhere in the world for years at a time.

Def finish the finance degree. Jumping into a hard science grad degree might be tough depending on what you took, but start talking to grad school advisors.

One masters program that jumps out at me as a blend of your schooling/interests would be bioinformatics.

Yeah, I’m definitely gonna finish the finance degree. I’ve talked to the advisors in the program I want to go into. He said I could be finished with the degree in 2.5-3 years.

I just haven’t decided if I actually want to pursue another degree or just work for a few years with my finance degree instead.