What to do with Great guns..

What maintnence should I be doing with great guns, and what would be the best split? I was thinking arm workout 1 mon
legs tues
wed off
arm workout 2 thurs
chest back -fri
I was thinking of a 5x5 program for chest and back as I really want to inrease my strength on the bench, my 1RM is 225 on a really good day, but would like to bump that up to 225x5 at the end of the 12 weeks. And my legs are a little over-developed, what would be the reccomendations for those? Calories are going to start at 2100 the I am going to up them 150 a week, till I get to about 4000…

I think chest and back on Friday would be a bad idea. Your arms will be too fatigued to handle the heavy loads of 5x5 training if you hit them the day before. I’m doing an EDT arm specialization program right now, and have the following split:

Sunday: Off

Monday: Arms #1

Tuesday: Rest or Cardio/Abs

Wednesday: Chest, Back, Hip dominant, Rotator Cuff

Thursday: Off

Friday: Arms #2

Saturday: Quads, Calves, and brief Rotator cuff session

Hope this helps. I strongly urge you to take advantage of the weekend and lose the Friday session.

Thanks for the response Eric! Ill definitly do your split, I actually like to workout on the weekends, keeps me from drinking as much haha…I am 20 years old 6 foot 185 @ 10 percent with 15 inch bis, I havent worked my bis since march other than pullups…can I expect growth even though I am in a calorie deficit for part of the time? And I am terrible at designing programs, is there an article someone could point me to, or could someone tell me what I should do with my legs and chest/back?

I think it’ll be hard to gain size on your arms with a caloric deficit, especially since many strength coaches believe you need to add 10-15 lbs. for every inch. Just reduce the volume on your other days and stick to the core exercises. Also, be sure stay away from the booze and read Specialization Periodization very carefully at