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What to Do with Extra Nebido?

Ok, so long ago I was on Nebido for TRT. I switched to Test E.
The other day I found I’ve got a leftover vial of Nebido. *I had two, but guess the dog ate it…

I was considering adding this into my next blast, but I’m not too sure how to go about it.

I was initially thinking about keeping my regular TRT protocol, and adding 250mg of Nebido in every 14 days for 4 weeks. Then adding an oral such as tbol for the last 6 weeks. Stupid?

My biggest concern is just blind dosing it - and either be too high, or too low in terms of E2 or TT.

I know it’s not optimal at all and there are way better things I could be taking, but hell, I paid a lot for that shit, I don’t want to waste it.

Any suggestions?

How long do you want to be on a blast?
Also depends on how you tolerate large amounts of testosterone, 4 x 250mg doesn’t sound like much, but its going to hang around in your system longer than you probably want, and peak late in the cycle.

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Yeah true- I was thinking the half life was shorter, but I just read that it’s something like 30 days.

I was considering a 10 week blast. Not too sure about that now, lol.

I really just want to use it up. Kills me seeing this insanely expensive bottle of otherwise perfectly fine test just sitting there being useless…

I hate nebido, same situation as you, I have some left over when there was a legit shortage of pharma grade T ethanate, and sustanon about 18 months ago. Only T available was Nebido or T cream.

If you are going to take it in a blast I’d use it only at the start. What are you taking for regular TRT now, enanthate, cyp, or sustanon?

Im on Enanthate now.
I actually didn’t mind nebido for TRT. Cost aside, it was a decent ride with a good Dr. who was willing to adjust the protocol.

But now that I’m poor, have a stricter Dr., and want to go a little “beyond” TRT from time to time I would not go back.

Okay knowing the above, I’d take the nebido at the start(up to 1000mg), along with some T E , if it kicks in too much after a month, and you get more side effects than you want, you can cut back on the test e or add more E2 control, serm or AI. It really depends on how you respond to a moderate/high test only cycle. ( I get bad acne and some hair loss with too much test).

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Cheers, I will make this the plan for my next blast in a few months.


That is what happens if you just pin 250mgs of the test undecanoate (I forget if nebido is decanoate or undecanoate) once a week for 10 weeks. That is a total of 20 weeks of time. It is just such a slow ester it doesn’t dump enough test after a shot to make a big jump.

The second graph is what happens from just one shot of 250mgs over the following two weeks.

If anything I would use your nebido for trt and save the enanthate up for your cycle.

Or go play with steroidplotter and see if a couple of real big nebido shots will get you up to cycle level blood levels, and how long that might last.

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Cheers! I had totally forgotten about that site. I’ll be poking around there, thanks.

Thing is though, nebido is 1000mg/4ml - which I had initially planned on pinning in four divided doses 2 weeks apart.

I think Nebido is just shit.
Takes forever to reach decent levels. Converts to E2 too much.
Can’t use it short term.
Can’t keep it as a back up because it takes so long to kick in.
I would use alchemy to change it into cash nomsayin

Hahah, yeah, I wouldn’t know which trenchcoat to wear or which corner to stand on in order to sling it.

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