What to do with egg yolk!....??

I see many guys eat only egg white. So, what do you do with the egg yolk? I also see many of the guys are bald. I have an idea. Take the egg yolks, and use them as a hair conditioner. They are known to stimulate hair growth!

So there are my two cents!

I would not buy eggs just to throw away half of them. You can get cartons of pure egg whites now.

Eat 'em. You cook the whites, then you pour the raw yolks over the whites. The hot whites will warm the yolks up to make them more palatable without actually cooking them and harming the proteins and vitamins.

Eat them. If you must eat only the whites, feed the yolks to your dog…he’ll love you for it.


Plus his coat will look great!

what we need to do is get every t-magger out there to save all their egg yolks and when we have a T-mag conference, the highlight seminar could be “Topless Egg Yolk Wrestling - Nutritional Wasteland or Positive Cholestrol Usage”. of course, we would have to plan this out well so none of those yolks go rotten.

any other suggestions?

Maybe you could start a compost heap with them.

The person who began the “never eat egg yolks” myth needs to be horse whipped!

Just eat them. it’s absolutely absurd not to. if nature intended for you only to eat the whites, they egg wouldn’t have a yolk. besides, the cholesterol in the yolk helps your body repair itself and also helps keep your brain functioning well. aren’t those two things that are of utmost importance to someone doing any type of sport??!

Why is this even a question? Reminds of the Einstein that asked what to do with the extra 2 M pills he ended up with at the end of his recovery phase.

Granted, nature DID put the yolks in eggs. But did nature take into consideration that I eat 12 eggs every morning? I think not. That would be a total of 84g of fat. Good fats or bad, that’s ALOT of fat in one sitting.

Out of the 12 eggs I consume, I do keep 3 yolks for the extra protein and nutrients that are in them.

On a personal note, I make a massive omlette. Never hard boil 12 eggs and eat 'em. You will stink to HIGH HEAVEN! I used to hard boil them to ease the process of seperating the white from the yolk.

(Standing and applauding seminole chick)

Feed em to the dog. I take a yolk or two out of five eggs. The dogs like it and it’s good for their coat.

Thats a big name for someone eating like a panzy. If you ate the yolk, you wouldnt need 12 eggs a day. You are throwing away over 1/2 the protein…the better protein. And why are you eating 12 eggs anyway. There ARE other foods.

Yeh I feed em to the dog too. He’s staff bull terrier, currently 50lbs 17" at the shoulder and 2-3% BF with high cholesterol and severe halitosis.

so where are we on the discussion, is it good or bad to eat egg yolk?

It’s neither good or bad. It depends on what your diet is like. If you want the added fat then eat them all. I just choose to use other fat sources later in the day and go easy on the yolks.

Eat them, unless you have a high cholesterole.
If you worry about the fat, count it as a P+F meal.
If cholesterole is the issue, check your cholesterole level, if it’s normal it’s unlikely to raise much because your diet. High cholesterol is mostly genetic. My father had high cholesterol (first heartattack at the tender age of 36!!)so my mother freaked out when she heard I ate 15 eggs, incl yolks, a day. I went to check and my levels where perfect, almost on the low side.
I was unemployed at the time and worked out twice per day.



eating cholesterol doesn’t cause your blood cholesterol to go up. your cholesterol levels are based on your body’s need for the substance. if you don’t eat enough, it will make it in the liver. if you eat enough, it will go to the blood where it’s sent to the locations needed to heal the body (it’s job is healing) and to build new things such as cell membranes and skin.

some people truly do have extremely high cholesterol levels, but that condition is rare.

also the myth that cholesterol causes heart disease has been debunked. please read up before you are nervous about eating cholesterol.

eating 12 eggs a day is perfectly fine, if you are getting enough variety the rest of the day. yolks and all.

the only thing that could happen is, with such a large quantity of the same protein, you body could develop a sensitivity to it. i would cycle the eggs with something else for some time if you plan to do that for the long term. also, eggs are a rather low purine protien, so they won’t give everyone the same lasting energy. you must see how you do on them. some poeple do better with steak or red meats etc.

Excellent advice seminole chick. If you’re throwing out the yolks because you are worried about cholesterol then I suggest getting a check done. Throwing the yolks away is a an absolute waste. Make sure you’re eating free-range organic eggs…no comparison when it comes to quality.