What to Do with a Hand Injury

Hey guys and girls I have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis in my right hand oddly enough it’s what got me out of my office chair and into the gym. I’ll be having an operation at the end of January and I will be in a cast for two weeks and then there can be up to 4 weeks rehab after that. Now when it comes to training I wont have use of my right hand, is using machines and just using my left hand a smart thing to do or a bad thing to do?

Hey Deadlift, do this ASAP first before surgery. If they can help you (or not), they will let you know. I have fixed this issue many times for people over the years and am confident someone on this list can too. If you have a question of who I’d go to, let me know and I can give you my 2 cents!



I’m not sure if this will help while you’re in a cast, but if you’re looking to get stronger while you’re rebuilding your hand/grip strength I would look into isolator fitness (isolator fitness.com). Theyre known for their meal prep bags but they make gear that literally allow you to do virtually any lift without use of your hands. This is only relevant really if you’re looking to build muscle strength and mass that goes beyond your grip strength or if you’ve lost use of your hands due to injury, etc., and while I’ve always wanted to try them I haven’t had a good enough reason to take my hands out of the equation. It costs quite a bit and you’ll attract a lot of attention but if it’s worth it to you at least you know it’s an option. Good luck!