What to Do With 5-6 Hours Between Meals?

Hi…i want to know a thing…if a have more than 2.5 - 3 hours between meals…like 5, 6, hours…what i have to do? cand i take some EAA? or EAA with some carbs? and what kind of carbs?

How big and lean are you?

I have 1.94 meters and 86.4 kg and around 12% bodyfat

a decent lean mass i guess

In that case, your options include:

  • Having a protein shake (with or without carbs)
  • Having a small portable snack (eg. Nuts)
  • Having a meal replacement such as a shake or bar
  • Having nothing (stay hydrated)

If your overall calories, macros, etc through the day (and over the week)are all good then any of the above will work for you at your level.


you feel hungry or not ?

Sometimes…yes…i feel hungry…if i have extra activities…like have more steps than usual

eat if you really feel hungry. If not just dont eat

Does your life provide the flexibility to have meals any time of day?
How many meals do you eat each day?

I have 5 meals…and i never skip one meal from december 2020 when i take this sport very serious

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thats perfect !

Between which two meals do you have 5-6 hours separation?
Between which two meals does your weight training lie?

That 5 6 hours separation is in off days when i m not going to the gym…it s happen rarely in saturday when i go out…but i don t drink alcohol…just water…but i have with me some EAA and extra 2 g of leucine pouder in dat EAA…that s why i asked about this…to be sure if i make it right with EAA…until now nothing bad happen

I want to see other opinions about this

lower calorie intake when your not working out. Thats perfect .

I like that. Being social while you get big!

I’m not sure how both of these can be correct.

Nothing bad is going to happen if you only eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guys have done just fine with that for a very, very long time.

What’s your actual goal? At your size (very tall, lean, and relatively light), if you want to put on size, you need more calories whether it’s in 3 meals, 5 meals, or 8 meals. If you want to get even more lean, that can be done with any approach also.

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